Book Review: Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma

Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma is not an easy read — but it is a beautiful book, with a heartbreaking story of forbidden love.

Forbidden tells the story of 17-year-old Lochan and 16-year-old Maya. Together, they’ve raised their three younger siblings due to a neglectful and alcoholic mother. But through all that time filling parental roles, something unexpected happens … Lochan and Maya fall in love. The book follows the siblings as they struggle to come to terms with their unconventional and socially unacceptable romance — and come to ask, “how can something so wrong feel so right?”

At times, Forbidden is an uncomfortable read — but not because it depicts a case of consensual incest, but because it makes you root for the romance. Conventional wisdom tells you that this relationship is wrong. But the love between Lochan and Maya is so undeniable, you really want them to find a way to make things work out.

Forbidden is simply un-put-down-able. It’s a completely difficult and heartbreaking love story, with a romance doomed to fail. Heartbreaking, sad and poignant, Forbidden is a difficult book to read, yet it is wholly rewarding. A beautiful story, beautifully told. Perhaps the most significant part of Forbidden is Suzuma’s ability to offer hope in the light of a tragic ending.

Forbidden is in stores now. I highly recommend this one — though it’s probably best suited for older teens and adults due to content.


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  1. This book was so intense to read. I felt emotionally invested early on and couldn’t put it down. Great review – I totally agree. The uncomfortable factor really is because you want to cheer for their relationship. I think you actually want to believe that if they can grow up and get the kids out of high school, then they’ll be able to make it work.

  2. This sounds fascinating! I’m always really intrigued by books like this, that play with what we consider “acceptable” and are able to move us completely away from our preconceptions, and let really live in the world of the book. If it’s half as good as you say, I know I’m going to love it!

  3. Great review! though the topic is a bit a contested by society, my curiosity was captured and made me want to read this book. i hope i could get a copy soon!

  4. This book is just, emotional! I cried, i laughed i got mad on what those two did. Amazing how they wouldnt care to show their love but had ti protect them for their other siblings…

  5. I agree that this book was deeply moving, brilliantly written and yes, I was completely enraptured by the story but I also belive the anding is somewhatunrealistic. Maya is not yet eighteen therefore she is not legally allowed to care for the children and, after all the events which have transpired, they would in all likelihood be sent into care. However, the ending implies that Maya is now their legal guardian. Yes, the ending is in many ways tragic but it also gives the reader an unrealistic sense of hope when, ultimately, there is none.

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