Breaking Dawn Read-Along, Chapters 4-5

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To be honest, I had trouble coming up with questions for these two chapters.  Read the chapters, think about the questions, and post your answers in the comments.

Breaking Dawn, Chapters 4 and 5:

  1. If you were in Bella’s place, would you spend your wedding reception with your new husband or with the people you knew you were never going to see again?
  2. Do you think the confrontation between the wolves and Edward at the wedding reception will be portrayed in the film?
  3. How about the other traditional wedding activities: cutting and serving each other cake, bouquet tossing, garter removing, the dancing? Will they make it into the movie?
  4. Where did you think Edward planned to take Bella for the honeymoon?  What did you think about Isle Esme?
  5. How did you feel about the fade-to-black for the wedding night?  Was it appropriate?  Could more have been done and still keep the book PG-13? Should the book have been kept PG-13 since the main character is a legal adult and now married?
  6. How did you feel about the bruising on Bella as a result of Edward and Bella’s love-making?  Inappropriate? Inevitable?
  7. Was Edward right in refusing to continue having sex with Bella as a human?
Anything else you’d like to discuss in these two chapters?

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5 responses to “Breaking Dawn Read-Along, Chapters 4-5

  1. 1. The wedding day belongs to the husband. Not only are you both there to celebrate your love but so are the other people. Bella could wait a few months after the wedding to make the change. In that time period she could have had one more day for each person. Teenagers…so impatient.

    2. Yes! They have lots of time to fill with there being two films and all.

    3. It will be there for the same reason as above. It may be in montage form though. Jacob is a big hit with people who have seen the movies but never read the books. They will give him more screen time for this reason. So, Jacob confrontation..In… wedding shots…gets montage. Unfortunately.

    4. I figured that Edward would take her someplace more…historical. They are both nerds in that way. lol. Maybe Stratford-upon-Avon, or Yorkshire, England. I was pleasantly surprised when he went tropical, mixing it up a bit.

    5. Like many others I was so frustrated with the fade to black. I have read many young adult books where sex is done very tastefully. You can give just enough and still leave something to the imagination. It didn’t really make sense to have the crazy c-section and not have at least a little bit of a pre-make out session on the honeymoon.

    6. Reading it the first time, I wasn’t shocked at all. It was inevitable. But, now looking back at it, I feel like it was a little too much. Edward would have freaked out over a small mark. Stephenie could have him done more damage to the room and leave only one bruise on Bella and still get the same effect.

    7. He should have never gone through with it in the first place. He was ending her life, it should have been enough for her.

    I liked the questions! Maybe you could have asked, What was your reaction to the Denali Clan since this is the first time we actually see them?

    • #6 –> that’s a good point. I hadn’t thought about that.

      Re: Denali’s: pretty sure I included a question about them in the previous chapter questions since they actually spoke to Bella then. 🙂

  2. 1. If it were a normal situation that didn’t involve a vampire marrying a mortal and she was fixing to become one herself, then I would spend time with the new husband.. But that’s not the case here, I would probably spend time with my family and friends since it would be the last time I would ever see them.

    2. I would hope so.. I mean it has a lot to do with the story in itself IMO. Surely they will have the time considering it’s being broke up into 2 movies.

    3. It’s Edward and Bella’s wedding, I would certainly hope so!

  3. 1. I did spend most of my focus on my husband at my wedding, even though many of our guests I hadn’t seen in a long time. So I can understand Bella’s feelings on that. However, I wasn’t planning on becoming a vampire very shortly after the wedding and therefore not have the opportunity to see the other people afterwards. She has eternity to spend with Edward. Not so much for the rest of her friends and family.

    2. Unfortunately, yes. 😛 It will probably be downplayed to save time, though. As long as Bella is actually in character (as opposed to Eclipse when she actually goes with Jake???) I won’t mind.

    3. I think it will be very, very brief. A flash. I think more time will be devoted to Jake’s book.

    4. I would have expected Edward to take Bella around the world. Have her eat cuisines from every country. Give her every experience as a human that she can’t do as a vampire. I did not expect him to take her to a deserted island all alone.

    5. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. A couple of scenes in Eclipse were steamier than that! It doesn’t have to cross the line into XXX writing. It could focus on Bella’s emotions and her desire. I thought it was handled completely wrong…having Bella ask what happened was awful. Did she forget???

    6. Kind of relieved although that sounds weird. We’d already seen Edward’s amazing control in resisting Bella’s blood even though she’s his singer. I was afraid after all the hype about “humans and vamps can’t have sex” Edward was going to show us again what amazing control he has and nothing happens to Bella (just the room, bed, etc.) That Bella actually got bruises helped it be “realistic,” though I do think that a broken bone or two would have been more so.

    7. Of course. How could he willingly do something he’d proven would cause harm to Bella?

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