Breaking Dawn Read-along: Introduction

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Breaking Dawn Part I is due to hit theaters on November 18.  When fans read the highly-anticipated ending to the Twilight saga, there were two reactions: some absolutely loved it and thought it was perfect while others…well…strongly disliked it.  There seemed to be no in between.  According to Stephenie Meyer’s website,, Breaking Dawn is nearly identical in plot to her original sequel to Twilight, Forever Dawn; it was how she always imagined the way Bella’s story would end. (Forever Dawn was written before Twilight was published, and thus, before New Moon and Eclipse. The main changes between Forever Dawn and Breaking Dawn take into account the events of the two middle books.)

Let’s take another look at Breaking Dawn while we wait for the movie, chapter by chapter.  Will another reading, taking time to stop and think about questions along the way, change how you feel about the book?  We don’t know for sure where the movie will split, but rumor has it that it will happen around Bella’s transformation to a vampire.  Taking two chapters per month will get us around that point by November.  The schedule of chapters is listed below and we’ll add links each month as we go.

On the last day of the previous month (ie, Jan 31 for Feb’s chapters, Feb 28 for March’s chapters, etc.), we’ll post questions about that chapter for you to think about, respond to, and discuss.  We want to hear your thoughts!

(Note: the monthly posts and questions will assume you’ve already read Breaking Dawn at least once. If this is your first time reading it, you may want to read the chapters before looking at the monthly post.  We decided to post the questions at the beginning of the month rather than at the end, so you could keep them in mind as you read.)

Breaking Dawn read-along schedule:





  • Chapter 6 – Distractions
  • Chapter 7 – Unexpected


  • Book Two: Jacob, Preface
  • Chapter 8 – Waiting for the Damn Fight to Start Already


  • Chapter 9 – Sure as Hell Didn’t See That One Coming
  • Chapter 10 – Why Didn’t I Just Walk Away? Oh Right, Because I’m an Idiot.


  • Chapter 11 – The Two Things at the Very Top of My Things-I-Never-Want-To-Do List
  • Chapter 12 – Some People Just Don’t Grasp the Concept of “Unwelcome”


  • Chapter 13 – Good Thing I’ve Got a Strong Stomach
  • Chapter 14 – You Know Things are Bad When You Feel Guilty For Being Rude to Vampires


  • Chapter 15 – Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock
  • Chapter 16 – Too-Much-Information Alert


  • Chapter 17 – What Do I Look Like? The Wizard of Oz? You Need a Brain? You Need a Heart? Go Ahead. Take Mine. Take Everything I Have.
  • Chapter 18 – There are No Words for This.

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3 responses to “Breaking Dawn Read-along: Introduction

  1. OMG!!! I cant wait to watch the movie!! and i cant even believe that it will end around her transformation! 🙁
    Btw thats a nice schedule but i certainly cannot follow your pace, i remember reading breaking dawn in 3 weeks, and you can say i know it by heart!

    • LOL if there’s a lot of feedback for us to speed up — and it’s possible on our end to come up with questions that quickly — maybe the schedule will change.

      I hope you’ll join us each month for the discussions.

  2. TeamEdward

    i agree, it certainly doesnt take me that long to read breaking dawn – try 3 days, (took me the whole 2 wks of easter holls 3 yrs ago to read all four books, & that included a 3 day gap in which I had to buy new moon eclipse & breaking dawn after becoming engrossed in Twilights story) but I think this will work quite well – slow enough for those who read slower, or for people like me who will read other books throughout these few months, but it is great as it gives us something to look forward to every month before november 😀 thank you novel novice! look forward to it 😀

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