The Body Finder Series: Dream Cast

The journey from the page to the screen is often a difficult and futile one. Many authors sell the rights to their book for the big screen, but few actually make it there. We are among the many fans of The Body Finder Series who hope Derting’s characters grace the big screen. Below you will find some of our selections for our movie dream cast. We’d love to hear who you would cast in  The Body Finder movie? Who’d be your perfect Violet and Jay?

Character: Violet

Our Selection: Torian Bellisario (Pretty Little Liars)

Why: Violet is a pretty interesting character. She’s both strong and vulnerable. Her determination and commitment to seeking out the truth makes her a force to be reckoned with, but there’s always been a part of her that struggles. Violet is neither popular cheerleader or school loser. She represents all us girls in between. Bellisario is all of these things. While she may play the privileged character on Pretty Little Liars, she’s shown both power and struggle. AND she’s not just another Hollywood bombshell who would be forced to throw her hair in a ponytail in some lame attempt to look plain. She has a quiet, understated attractiveness, and that’s why she’d be perfect for Violet.

Character: Jay

Our Selection:Max Irons (Red Riding Hood)

Why: Have you seen him? Irons has the All-American good looks to play the role of Jay (even if I’m not actually sure if he’s American). Looks aside, Irons proved he can play up the protective side in Red Riding Hood. While the movie didn’t give him much room to show his playful nature (a must for any actor hoping to play Jay), there was a certain earnestness to his performance that made him rather endearing.

Character: Chelsea

Our Selection:Scout Taylor Compton (The Runaways)

Why: Violet makes a point of noticing that both of her best friends have gone under some startling transformations. Chelsea, once a tomboy, has highlighted her hair and grown into her curvy body. Compton certainly fits this physical description, but more importantly she has proven she can pull out the sass when needed. Readers love Chelsea because she speaks her mind, and often says the things the reader is thinking. She’s rather spunky, and we’d love to see Compton have some fun with this.

Character: Uncle

Our Selection: Alex Loughlin (Moonlight)

Why: You can’t deny there is a slight resemblance between Loughlin and Bellisario. Violet’s uncle plays a rather important part in the story, and it’s rather crucial we stay true to his hero status. Loughlin’s work in Hawaii 5-o has proven he has the physical prowess to pull off this role. I don’t really have any other reason for choosing him…I just like to look at him.

11 thoughts on “The Body Finder Series: Dream Cast

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  1. For me, my perfect violet would have to be the girl who plays Aria in Pretty Little Liars! Or even Nina Dobrev, also known as Elena/Katherine on The Vampire Diaries. Whi I was reading, I imagined either Jeremy from Vampire Diaries, Damon from Vampire

  2. Wrong people they are making Jay very ugly! And Violet would look too prissy. Jay should be David Henrie or Taylor Lautner I mean come on, they say in the book he is hot and muscular. And Violet should be someone who looks like her Miranda Cosgrove, or someone who could kick ass in a snap of a finger like Emma Roberts.

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