The Body Finder: The Best of Violet and Jay

In case you couldn’t tell by the entire month we devoted to Derting’s The Body Finder Series, we LOVE these novels here at Novel Novice. Part of the reason we love this series so much is its plethora of cleverly constructed characters.  Violet and Jay are two totally awesome YA characters on their own, each one possessing a strong sense of self and conviction. Together, the two form one of the hottest YA couples to hit the shelves in recent history. Below you will find some of our favorite Violet and Jay moments from The Body Finder. If you haven’t read the first novel, perhaps these scenes will get you reading Trust us,  you want to read these novels.

* The Realizing You Like Your Best Friend Moment“Were you planning to ditch school today, or should we turn around?”( Jay – Chapter 1)

This is one of those great scenes where the reader can feel the tension! Most of us have been in this position before, so we can relate to Violet’s sudden nervousness around her best friend. Jay’s undeniably goofy in this scene. The reader can not only understand why he’s best friend material, but also can understand why maybe he’s something more…

* Injured Solider Er Runner Scene “I think I did pretty good. It’s not my fault you can’t walk.” (Jay – Chapter 3)

While readers have seen this scene before, Derting infuses it with every emotion possible: embarrassment, anger, angst, sexual tension, compassion. The reader doesn’t blame Violet for her crush for one second after this scene. Derting takes something as simple as skinned knees and makes it into a symbol of Violet and Jay’s relationship.

* Bad Party? Great End of the Night Scene She heard the door opening, and before she could catch her gratified breath the driver was out of the car and she was in his arms… (Chapter 16)

YES! YES! YES! Talk about delayed gratification…but well worth it. Something about this simple moment really got to me. Only in high school could such a crappy night turn into such a good one. And the kissing parts weren’t bad either.

Maybe Mom and Dad Should Make You Keep the Door Open Scene “What do you mean you were tired of waiting? Waiting for what, exactly?” (Violet – Chapter 18)

I don’t think we need to explain why this scene made the list….but we will anyway. The best thing about this scene is that it isn’t all sunshine and flowers. There are some serious issues that must be dealt with. It was also nice to finally get to hear what Jay’s been keeping bottled up for so long…which he relates in typical Jay fashion.

Boyfriend of the Year Scene – “You left her there? Alone?” (Jay – Chapter 27)

In the climatic finish to the novel, Violet and Jay must come together to defeat evil. It’s a thrilling scene that will stay with you for a while after reading.


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