Kimberly Derting: The Body Finder Q&A Part 1

Today, we present part 1 of our NEW exclusive Q&A with Kimberly Derting, author of The Body Finder and Desires of the Dead. Warning if you haven’t read these books — a few potential spoilers lie ahead:

Violet gets “found out” in Desires of the Dead by the FBI … what made you decide to take the story in this direction?

Part of the reason I introduced the FBI element in DotD was to force Violet to decide whether she should share her secret with others.  I also thought it was time for her to figure out just how she might use her ability in the future.  So, stay tuned!

Violet has a (sometimes dangerous) tendency to keep things to herself, when she really should tell someone else about things going on in her life. What is it about her personality that makes her keep these things so secret? Will she ever learn to open up and share more, especially when it’s in her best personal interest? (As in, her safety?)

I don’t think Violet knowingly puts herself into dangerous situations, she just truly believes she can handle things on her own.  Part of this is just plain stubbornness, but also because she also doesn’t want her ability to endanger the people she loves.  This became a much greater issue for Violet when she almost lost Jay at the dance.

Violet & Jay definitely have a unique relationship, especially as it progresses in DotD. How do you think their relationship is both different and similar to other teen couples? (Especially in YA.)

When I was a teenager, whatever boyfriend I was with at the time was “the one.”   In that sense, I don’t think Violet and Jay are much different from other teen couples. But what is different is the history they shared before becoming a couple.  I think that because their relationship grew out of friendship, as opposed to love at first sight, they have a stronger connection than some other couples.

Talk about the decisions you made in progressing Jay & Violet’s relationship in DotD.

There is one decision I made in DotD about Vi & Jay’s relationship that I can’t spoil, but I do think it was the right decision for them.

Let’s talk about Rafe. How does his presence affect Violet? How does it impact her relationships with Jay and with Sara?

Violet isn’t sure what to make of Rafe just yet, although their connection becomes a little clearer towards the end of DotD.  How’s that for a vague non-answer?  🙂

What was the inspiration for Sara Priest?

I’m not really sure where the inspiration for Sara came from, but one reader thought of her as Sandra Bullock from the movie Miss Congeniality. I kinda like that, so yes, I’ll go with Sandra Bullock!

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!

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