Behind the Desires of the Dead Book Trailer

In case you haven’t seen them, there are two AWESOME book trailers for Kimberly Derting’s The Body Finder and Desires of the Dead — both created by the fabulous Vania of VLC Productions. We ADORE Vania’s work, and in fact, we’ve featured her plenty of times here at Novel Novice. (She’s also usually so kind to share photos from her book shoots with us, so we can make you fantastic desktop wallpapers — and this month is no exception. Look for new ones later this week!)

So today, we wanted to showcase both book trailers, and then delve behind the scenes for an exclusive Q&A with Vania about what went into them:

What was your approach when shooting the DotD trailer? How was it different from your approach to the TBF trailer?

When Kim and I looked at doing the TBF trailer we wanted to highlight the suspense and mystery as well as the sweet romance between Violet and Jay. TBF is very creepy and I think we did well in emphasizing that aspect of the trailer. Kimberly’s great about combining the scrappy mystery with swoony romance and I knew that was something we had to have in TBF and DotD.

But one of my favorite parts and most original aspects of Kim’s books are the echoes. So with DotD I wanted highlight those parts more. I am a very visual person and Kim’s echoes are so great for my creative juices. So after reading DotD, go back and spot the echoes!

What’s your favorite part of the DotD trailer? Why?

I LOVE the end part. The kiss with the butterfly explosion. MY editors did a wonderful job of translating my vision!

What moments/moods/feelings, etc. were you trying to capture the most in the DotD trailer?

Unlike DotD, I wanted to make it a little creepier and darker. There’s parts in the book that totally gave me goosebumps and it’s parts I like to grab onto (weird, I know). But I couldn’t ignore.

Any behind the scenes stories from either of these book trailer shoots you can tell us about?

You wouldn’t believe it but we were laughing so hard during the kiss taping. But they pulled it together nicely despite me cracking jokes. Also, the glow sticks… not as pretty on film.

And because we love your work, what other projects are you working on right now that we have to look forward to?

OH MY!!!!! I am so excited because I got so many wonderful books coming down the pipeline! I get to work with Harper again on a book called DIE FOR ME by Amy Plum and with Simon & Schuster we’re finishing CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS and WITHER. I’m also lucky to be working on projects with great authors like Melissa de la Cruz,Kristi Cook, Hannah Moskoqitz and Alyxandra Harvey! I’m so lucky to be working on such great books and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Thanks Vania!

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