Book Talks at Novel Novice, 4th edition

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If you haven’t entered our Book Talk contest yet, it’s not too late. We would LOVE to see you talk up your favorite books! And of course, it gives us a good excuse to give away more prizes.

Don’t know where to start? Here are the steps I took to create my book talk for Prisoners in the Palace by Michaela MacColl:

  • Chose a book. Picked something I’d recently read and really enjoyed.
  • Made sure I had a hard copy available to show during my book talk. If you can’t get your hands on a copy of the book, you can always do a Google image search to find the cover.
  • Decided what to say.This was a tough one. There are two stories in this book so I needed to figure out how to address both of them, keeping them connected without telling too much. I also considered taking a newsboy angle or using a partial mask, but decided simple was better.
  • Wrote it out. You don’t need to do this. You can simply use note cards, an outline, memorization or just “wing it.” Sometimes inspiration comes with little pre-planning.
  • Signed in to YouTube. Yep, if your computer has a webcam and microphone, you can record straight to YouTube. You have the option to review, discard or publish anything you record.
  • Recorded my video using the “upload” option and selected “Record from webcam.” You can also upload your video from your phone or camera.
  • Published and edited my book talk video. Once you publish it, you can use the YouTube editor to trim up your book talk or add in the cover image or any other fancy things you’d like. Since I started and stopped the camera myself, I trimmed out the first few and final few seconds of me turning the camera on and off.

It’s that easy! Tell us about a book you LOVE and win a prize. The contest is open through January 10th.

If you missed out of the rest of our Book Talk series, including contest information, check out the links below:


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