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So, What’s a Book Talk? you ask? My answer: think verbal book trailer. Take 30 seconds to two minutes to entice someone to read that book! How do you do it? It can be as simple as showing the book cover, stating the title and author and then giving a few details to entice your audience to read the book. Or you can get creative: use a prop, wear a costume or mask, talk with an accent (just make sure you’re clear enough for the audience to understand you). Make it fun!

Without realizing it, you probably do something very similar all the time when you tell your friends or family about a book you’ve recently read. You want them to want to read it too, so you tell them why they will like it, how it relates, a little about the book itself, but don’t give away the ending… you want them to go grab the book to find out for themselves!

The Contest:

We want to see your book talks! Pick a book, one of your favorites, or one you’ve read recently, and record yourself talking up that book. Take 30 seconds to 2 minutes to complete your book talk. When you’re satisfied, upload your book talk to YouTube. Send an email to including the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address (so we can send you your prize if you win)
  • Email Address
  • Book Title & Author
  • The link to your book talk video on YouTube.

The contest is open until January 10, 2011, midnight PST. U.S. Residents only.

The grand prize winner will receive copies of Vacations from Hell and Prom Nights from Hell, a set of  Novel Novice book marks and a Novel Novice pin. Runners up will receive Novel Novice book marks.

Look for weekly updates on Book Talks throughout the next month. We’ll feature some book talks as examples and I will share my own Book Talk on Michaela MacColl’s Prisoners in the Palace with you. After the Winter Break comes to a close, we’ll feature some of your book talks and announce our contest winner!

Have questions? Ask them in the comments section below.

More Info on Book Talking:

Booktalks Quick and Simple by Nancy Keane will give you plenty of tips and examples. Check out the podcast section for some audio versions of book talks.

See some written Booktalks by visiting the Librarians @ Random by Random House Children’s Books.

Wikipedia: Book Talk


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