The Best of The Mermaid’s Mirror by L.K. Madigan

Today marks the end of our October Book of the Month feature on The Mermaid’s Mirror by L.K. Madigan … and while we’re a little sad that it’s all coming to an end, we’re excited to look back at all the fun we’ve had this month!

Special thanks once again to the lovely & fabulous Lisa — she’s a rock star!!!

The Mermaid’s Mirror Writing Contest

You’ve got until midnight (PT) tonight to enter this contest, for a chance to win a signed copy of Mermaid’s Mirror and assorted mermaid goodies hand-selected by L.K. Madigan herself!

To enter, tell us what you think life would be like under the sea.

In 250-500 words, tell us a short story about being a mermaid or merman living under the sea. What’s it like? How do you communicate? How do you travel? What sort of technology, if any, do you have? Where do you sleep? What do you eat? Do you talk to humans, or is it forbidden? Are you friends with other sea creatures, or are they your enemy? Or are they your food?

Submit your entry using our Novel Novice & Mermaid’s Mirror Contest Entry Form

The Mermaid’s Mirror – Book Reviews

Check out Sara’s Review and Stephanie’s Review to see what we loved about The Mermaid’s Mirror. Here are some samplings:

Stephanie wrote:

It’s wonderful to dive into this new world (forgive the pun) and see it materialize.

Sara wrote:

The Mermaid’s Mirror is not your traditional YA book. But Madigan magically weaves together elements of fantasy and coming-of-age to create something wholly unique.

Mermaids, Surfing & More

We found lots of cool things to explore further after reading The Mermaid’s Mirror. Here are some of our favorite posts that explore themes, subjects, etc. from the book:

Music Sets the Mood

We compiled our favorite tunes to create a Mermaid’s Mirror Playlist. What songs would you add?

More from L.K. Madigan

Lisa was kind enough to answer our interview questions, including our first question about mermaid sex. (Yep, we went there):

We also got lots of great one-on-one time with Lisa during her appearance at Wordstock Festival!

Mermaid’s Mirror Desktop Wallpapers

With mermaid imagery and great quotes from the book!

See everything from our October Book of the Month here, including some features on Lisa’s other book, Flash Burnout.

For the comments: What was your favorite part of this month’s feature?

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