Assorted Contest Winners – September & October

My name is Sara, and I am a slacker.

Okay, not really. True, I’m here today to announce the winners from SEVERAL contests over the last two months here at Novel Novice. But I think you can fairly cut me some slack for being so behind — considering I’ve been working my tail off to get ready for last weekend’s Wordstock Festival (on top of appearing at Portland’s Twilight Convention the week before, maintaining this website, writing articles for, going to my real job and still trying to have contact with my friends and family on occassion). Needless to say, it’s been a busy several weeks. But things are finally starting to calm down for a while, and it’s definitely time for me to announce all these contest winners!

Today, I’m announcing the winners from these contests:

  • I Now Pronounce You Someone Else by Erin McCahan Contast
  • Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel – Sept. Book of the Month Contest
  • Fire & Ice Blog Contest
  • Karma Bites Contest
  • Torment by Lauren Kate Contest
  • Hush, Hush & Crescendo Giveaway
  • Seven Realms Contest

Read beyond the jump to see all the winners and (if applicable) their winning entries:

For this contest, we asked you to tell us about a mistake you had learned from.

Our winner is … Melanie D. & here’s her story:

I learned that if something doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t.
Last Valentine’s Day, I made cupcakes. Cupcakes call for cooking oil in the recipe, I looked in the pantry for a bottle and saw two to choose from.
One looked odd in color but it was open and the other wasn’t so I used the open, odd colored one. When the cupcakes came out of the oven, I was upset because they were hard as rocks, my family to cheer me up, ate them anyway even though they tasted awful. Later in the week, my mom asked me to get the cooking oil and I grabbed that bottle, she said “no, grab the other one, thats the grease we save from frying fish and reuse.” I chose not to mention that I put it in the cupcakes.

For this contest, we asked you to imagine you could live forever as a vampire — and write about what moment in history you would like to witness first-hand.

Our first place winner is Pearl B. and here’s her entry:

The most significant moment in history which I would want to witness would be the liberation by the troops of the concentration camps.  I have read fiction and non-fiction as well as memoirs about this horror.  This historical event would be quiet and reverent since the survivors would be weakened and the liberators would be too overcome by the trauma confronting them.  I believe that the solders felt that it was their collective duty to retain every single image so that they could share this with future generations.  Unfortunately they probably were deeply affected for the rest of their lives with this nightmare.  I felt that I was fortunate to have family who escaped the Holocaust.  I have read tomes, heard many speakers and continue to read even more about this time. I watch interviews, movies, documentaries and   exhibits have toured throughout the U.S. in order to educate the young which is of paramount importance.  This heartbreaking time in our history cannot ever be ignored.  Soon there will be no surviors left to hear from, to learn from and to listen to.

Our second place winner is: Jennifer L. and here’s her entry:

There are just so many wonderful things in history I would have loved to see and while I think seeing the pyramids being built or be at court during Henry VIII’s reign would be neat, I would most like to have seen the very beginning of the talkie movies. I know we had a lot of hard times from the 1900’s on in America but I would have loved to have been around Hollywood when Katherine Hepburn, Errol Flynn, Shirley Temple, Rex Harrison, Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Fred Astaire, James Cagney, Rosalind Russell, Bette Davis, etc. were dominating the screens. Not to mention the musicians back then and during the 1950’s too. Some of my very favorites are from the early 50’s. Wouldn’t it be neat to experience Johnny Cash and Elvis when they first got big? Not to mention Bing Crosby! What I most would like to see however is the Golden Age of Animation, especially Walt Disney’s part in it. Hey, maybe I could have even gotten a job at the studio! I also wouldn’t mind being around when Disneyland was first built. Though I might not have went on opening day since it was supposed to have been such a nightmare. Heck, I think I would just be happy with meeting Walt Disney. There were other animation studios too but for the most part I would have liked to have been around in Hollywood from about 1930-1960. How cool would it be to not age as a vampire too? I guess it would depend on the type of vampire it was though.

During our September Book of the Month, we also profiled fellow book blogger & Etsy artist extraordinaire Fire & Ice — and they kindly offered up a $20 gift certificate to their Etsy shop for a contest winner from Novel Novice!

The winner is … Lilibeth R.

The folks from Fire & Ice will be in touch with you soon about your prize!

For our Karma Bites contest, we asked you to tell us about a memorable Middle School moment!

Our first place winner is … Ash L., who gets a copy of Karma Bites. Here is her entry:

I actually forgot my most unforgettable memory! I suffered a concussion while playing in a basketball game. A girl on the other team ran up under me and clipped my legs while I was doing a lay-up. I landed head first on the floor and split my scalp open! I can’t remember most of my 7th grade year to this day! The only reason I can see it in my mind is because my dad got the best photo ever of the girl with her eyes closed! Insanity!!

Our second place winner is … Valeen N., who gets some Karma Bites swag from authors Stacy Kramer & Valerie Thomas. Here is her entry:

I got my first real Valentine from a boy in Middle School! He was so shy (and so was I) as he approached my locker and gave me the card! It was absolutely beautiful and I was on cloud nine for weeks! He became my first boyfriend!

For this contest, we asked you to tell us what you love about the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. Three winners will each get a copy of the new book in the series, Torment, courtesy of Random House!

Here are the three winners & their responses:

Brandi K.

The cover, and the love story beyond time, battle between good and evil

Florence K.

I actually have not read it, though I’m hearing good things. I’m thinking winning Torment will get me to buy Fallen and fall in love with the series!

Melissa G.

It’s a paranormal, boy-meets-girl book, and yet it’s different from every other book on the shelf!

We took part in the blog tour for author Cinda Williams Chima this month, as she celebrates the release of The Exiled Queen — the second book in her Seven Realms series. Cinda was kind enough to write a rockin’ guest blog for us, and the folks at Disney-Hyperion sponsored a chance for you guys to win copies of The Demon King and The Exiled Queen, the first two books in the series.

The three winners (chosen at random) are:

Joy L.

Kailia S.

Nathan S.

Congrats! Disney-Hyperion will be sending you copies of the books very soon!

To celebrate the upcoming release of Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick, we’re delighted to give away a copy of Hush, Hush and Crescendo to one lucky winner!

And that lucky winner is … Rosa S.

Rosa, look for your prize in the mail very soon!

*          *          *

WHEW! Finally caught up on contests!

But don’t worry … we’ve got lots more chances to win great prizes going on now, and even more lined up for the coming weeks and months.

Right now, check out:

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  1. i won!!! i think haha! i believe i’m nathan S. haha hope so!! i mean there could be another nathan s but lets hope not

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