The Naughty List: The Girl’s Guide to Spy Gear

In honor of our July Book of the Month, The Naughty List series by Suzanne Young, I’m delighted to bring you a tongue-in-check “Girl’s Guide to Spy Gear.” Because, after all, every good cheer leading squad/secret team of spies needs some nifty gadgets to help get the job done!

Night Vision Goggles

These bad boys will let you see clearly in the dark — the perfect accessory for spying on late-night, illicit encounters between boyfriends and girls-who-are-not-their-girlfriend.

Grappling Hook

An anchor or hook attached to a length of rope. Perfect for scaling the sides of homes, to peer unknowingly into the windows of suspected cheating boyfriends.

Listening Device

You’ve probably heard it called a “bug” or a “wire” in TV shows and movies. These bad boys let you listen in on private conversations — like those that take place between cheaters and their mistresses.


Hey, sometimes even the most clever spy needs to break into a locked locker, car or bedroom. Lockpicks will help you get in, without a key. Just be sure to leave no trace behind — or else that cheater may get suspicious!

For the comments: What other spy gadgets do you think would come in handy while spying on suspected cheating boyfriends?


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