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After a very busy and poetry-packed National Poetry Month, we’re very excited to announce the winners of our Novel Novice Poetry Contest! We received so many inspiring and creative entries – it wasn’t easy to choose our winners, but choose we must.

Our first-place winner is Carmen M. She will receive a fabulous prize package from Sourcebooks which includes a copy of Poetry Speaks Who I Am, Poetry Speaks to Children, The Tree That Time Built, Hip Hop Speaks to Children, My Hippo Loves the Hiccups, and the adult anthology Poetry Speaks. Carmen explained her entry as such:

It was inspired by the idea of sound and sensations. I started wondering what would happen if the way we feel things were to change. There are times when we feel alien in our own bodies when a new unknown sensation invades and we don’t know what to call it. The poem is based on such a situation where we can feel yet not understand it.

Here is Carmen’s poem:


Deeply affected
Only to enter an alien world to the senses
Where words lose meaning
All that one hears is a murmur
Growing louder with every second
Ending in goodbye.

The rhythm changes every time caterpillars
See the dawn awakening from a once forgotten sleep.

Gradually we are taken to a world where Nothing moves.
Nothing shakes.
The sound is palpable but inaudible.

Our minds are bottled away from our bodies
Disconnected and lost in a myriad of nonsensations.

Becoming alert with every explosion
Finding the meaning of every thud to prevent
Mass hysteria to a heart scattered
Throughout the ashes of time.

Our second-place winner is Ashly R., who shared with us that she wrote her poem about a bad breakup. She will receive a copy of Poetry Speaks Who I Am. Ashly’s poem:


She wished her tears could clear away the words on the book of Lies.
And the real truth appear in their place like invisible ink.
The liquid hatred poured out,
Sour like a lemon.
For a time, memories frozen in the Fortress of Solitude,
Unobtainable, distant. “Someday” and “Eventually” resembling Arabic.
Lonliness slithering through the wall,
Making its home in the corner.
Contemplating bloody hands,
And their place in the plan.
Taking responsibility.
Not bothering to wipe the blood off.
Deceit- choking, smothering her, stealing life.
When she did open her eyes,
Denial set in, disbelief, fear, sadness.
The brightness of white snow wiping him out.
Like he wasn’t even there.
Like he never had been.

Our third-place winner is Gladys B., and she will also receive a copy of Poetry Speaks Who I Am. She says this about her poem:

This is a poem I wrote inspired by the starstruck love shown by Romeo and Juliet. After we read this as a class in school, I understood so much more than what was under the cover of two lovers, seeing a lot of emotions not in the text, but deeper.  Writing this I hoped to foreshadow the ending of the story, but clearly show how love makes us blind. I enjoyed getting into Romeo’s shoes as he gets married, bringing himself to his knees for Juliet.

Here is Gladys’ poem:

A Sonnet, From Romeo to Juliet

Stars may shine bright but they dim in the night,
For your beautiful eyes put them to shame.
Roses are pure, but on them you shed light,
As you warm the world like an open flame.
The sweetest lullaby for me you speak,
Our families’ fight, long lost in our love.
Feuds cannot stop us, nor any critique.
You give me life I was once empty of.
Sincerely, today I promise you this,
Always together you and I shall be.
Take it all away; you’d be all I miss.
To my whole world, only you hold the key.
The wedding bells ring, I give you my heart,
Forever my love, ‘til death do us part.

Thank you to everyone who entered the poetry contest! Keep writing, keep submitting your poems for possible publication on Novel Novice, and stay tuned for more poetry contests in the future!


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  1. Cassie

    Congrats to all of the winners. I’ve never been much of a poet, but all of the winners works’ were really awesome!!

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