Lyric-Writing Contest Winners!

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We considered National Poetry Month an opportunity to give the more musically inclined folks in our audience an opportunity to show us their writing chops in this genre. The top three winners of our Novel Novice Lyric-Writing Contest will each receive a copy of On the Meaning of Adam Lambert.

Our first-place winner is Meghan. Here are her lyrics:

Whispered Melodies

Verse 1
If I could show the world
That we were meant to be together
Would you finally confess
What’s been holding you forever
Would you take the time to say
What’s really on your mind
Or would you run away again
And leave what’s in your heart to hide

Refrain 1
We both know that this is really happening
So when will you become who you are
And find the courage to stop pretending

Verse 2
Tomorrow, I’ll tell you how I feel
No one else will hear
You’ll say something I’ll never forget
That it’s false will be my only fear
And I’ll make sure that you’re at your best
I know it’s lonely at the bottom
There’s something I see deep inside
You’re tired of being forgotten

Refrain 2
I’ve never seen you this way with anyone else
I don’t know what that means to you
Or how we’ll ever forgive ourselves

Verse 3
There’s a place I’ve been wanting you to see
It’s higher than where we’re falling from
It’s the only way out of this misery
Just listen, together, we’ll be someone
And all I’ve been asking is for you to share
Who you are, how much you care
So maybe, someday, you’ll realize
That these whispered melodies just take time

Our second-place winner is Gladys B. Her lyrics:

My Love

(starts with voice and piano only, slow tempo)

Oh, my love,
How is this okay?
How are we here today?
If destiny says no…

Even today,
Though I see you here with me…
There is nothing here to see,
Because we are not meant to be…

(slightly faster tempo)

I know that even though,
We love each other so deeply,
Though our hearts are strung as one,
This cannot be easy…

It’s not okay.
It’s not okay.
I’m not meant for you,
Though I know I love you…

It’s too scary,
To see a world without you,
But even if I have to,
I Must. Leave. You…


(Other instruments added, tempo rises slightly)

My love for you is as strong as a fire
Burning ever so fiercely and with so much desire,
How is it possible to lift my spirits higher?
When I hold you in my arms…

The sun sings for us so brightly today,
Here we are, together we lay,
Holding hands and chatting away,
Sprawled across our lover’s lane.

My heart seems to beat again,
As your face glows with love for me,
Oh, if you could just see,
There is nothing better than that…


(silence, continues in fast tempo)

It’s not okay.
It’s not okay.
I’m not meant for you,
Though I know I love you…

It’s too scary,
To see a world without you,
But even if I have to,
I Must. Leave. You…

(Decrescendos to whisper, silence)

(Fastest tempo, singer is angry)

Why must it be this way?
Why can’t I be for you?
Why do I have to be.
What. I. Am?

Why do I love you so?
Why can’t I let you go?
To let you live your life…
Like. You. Must…

Why did it have to be?
Why did we have to meet?
Why do I feel this way?
I. Love. You…

(piano and singer only, slow whisper)

Oh, I cannot live without you.
I cannot breathe without you,
I cannot see without you,
But. I. Must.

I need you here with me.
I need you to see.
That I love you so…
I. Must. Go…


(slight silence)

…My Love…

And our third-place winner is Tanja. Her lyrics:

What is Love?

Love is a ball game;
When it sends you a curved ball,
Make sure to bat it!

Love is a corner
Of the street or of a room;
According to choice.

Love is a cascade
It takes your breath away, or
Purifies your soul.

Refrain: Love is a bar-code.
Lots of lines; all mean something…

Love is a cycle;
Flowers bloom, and then wither…
Leaving seeds for more.

Love is a circle
No beginning and no end –
Embracing a void.

Love is a drawbridge
You can shut everyone out –
Or allow access!


Love is a fir cone
Showing a hard exterior…
That love breaks open.

Love is a gamble
Dice are cast and lots are drawn;
Winner takes it all!

Love is a journey;
Bad signposts and bumpy roads
Drive you up the wall.


Love is a moonbeam

Contrasting with the darkness –
Lighting up your path.

Love is a mountain;
Rope, climbing shoes and warm clothes…
Equal importance.

Love is a peanut
Crunchy inside the shell, or
Smooth peanut butter.


Love is a spiral
Whether it leads up or down
Is yours to decide.

Love is a mountain.
Sheer cliffs; dead drops; an ice-cap;
Then, a  lush valley.

Love is a sandstorm
Undulating sand-dune sea…
A map is useless.


Love is an onion;
Each layer that you explore,
Brings the core closer.

Love is a blanket;
It will give security…
But it may smother.

Love is an alloy;
As elusive as mercury,
But precious as gold.


Repeat refrain and…. fade….


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