Nat’l Poetry Month: Today is Poem In Your Pocket Day!

April 29 is officially National Poetry Month’s Poem In Your Pocket Day! Carrying a poem with you and sharing it with others on this special day is an ideal way to cap off a month full of poetry. Get all the details about this celebration here (and remember, it can be as public as you want or as private as you want). has a collection of poems that you can easily print out and slip in your pocket (or wallet, or purse, or bookbag, or type up on your cell phone). See all the categories in the image to the right.

Visit this page and you can easily print a nicely laid-out poem that fits your mood and sensibility. Or print out two or three or 10 and share with others… or handwrite a poem of your own and stuff it in your pocket… or set your favorite verse of poetry as your new screensaver… or add a line of verse to your email signature.

There are dozens of ways to celebrate Poem In Your Pocket Day – from writing a poem in chalk on the sidewalk to emailing your favorite work to all your friends and family. The point is just that you celebrate it! We keep poetry alive by recognizing it, sharing it, and passing on our love for it.

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Share with us the poem(s) you’re honoring on Poem In Your Pocket Day! I’ll be carrying and sharing William Carlos Williams’ This Is Just to Say.”

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