Nat’l Poetry Month: Carry a Poem In Your Pocket

National Poem In Your Pocket Day is a traditional part of the National Poetry Month celebration!

Here’s the scoop: choose a poem that you love, then carry it with you in your pocket (or purse, or wallet, or backpack, or notebook) to share with friends, family, teachers, or coworkers on April 29. Or just to open up and read to yourself whenever you’re feeling particularly inspired, or even when you’re feeling a little down and out.

Some detail about this annual event from

Poems have been stowed in pockets in a variety of ways, from the commonplace books of the Renaissance to the pocket-sized publications for Army soldiers in World War II.

To download a poem for your pocket, learn details about the event, or get suggestions about how to celebrate the day, go here.

What poem will you carry in your pocket? Share the title and your feelings about it with us in the comments!

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