Have you experienced The Lonely Hearts Club yet?

Today marks the last day for our March Book of the Month – The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg … which begs the question: Have you experienced The Lonely Hearts Club yet?

All month, we’ve shared some exciting goodies from the book — including a contest, trivia, book trailer, interviews, and of course, lots & lots of Beatles music! Here’s a look back at the highlights:

The Lonely Hearts Club Writing Contest
Remember, you’ve got until midnight (PST) tonight to enter — so hurry up and send us your entries! Three winners will each receive a signed & personalized copy of The Lonely Hearts Club from author Elizabeth Eulberg.

The Lonely Hearts Club Book Trailer
A book trailer for The Lonely Hearts Club didn’t exist, so we took it upon ourselves to create one:

The Lonely Hearts Club Crossword Puzzle
Not only is this tons of fun — but even the author herself was wowed by it! She wrote:

I LOVED this! I will admit, I had to print it out again because I screwed up. Yes, the author messed up (I started answering #7 across without starting with “the”). YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!

That definitely had us blushing and feeling a bit satisfied with ourselves …

Beatles Trivia & Lyrics Matching
The Beatles is a huge part of The Lonely Hearts Club, and we made a point to talk about the connection between the text & the music throughout the month. Elizabeth Eulberg even shared with us all the Beatles trivia packed into her novel, and we made a fun little contest for matching Beatles lyrics to the song title based on Elizabeth’s personal soundtrack for the book!

Exclusive interview with Elizabeth Eulberg – Part 1Part 2Part 3
We asked Elizabeth a LOT of questions. Some of them pretty wacky. But Elizabeth just answered them — all of them — and with a great attitude. She has some wonderful stories to share, including her own personal soundtrack to life and her own personal tribute to the TV show “24” that can be found in The Lonely Hearts Club.

Elizabeth Eulberg’s Guest Blog: “Never Give Up, Never Surrender!”
We know a lot of you out there are aspiring authors. Elizabeth has some great advice for you in her guest blog, which she wrote exclusively for Novel Novice. In her post, she talks about how she almost gave up on her dream — and why refusing to give up helped her see her book become a reality.

The Lonely Hearts Club Desktop Wallpapers
We’re sort of known for our desktop wallpapers around the blog-o-sphere, and our Book of the Month wouldn’t be complete without a new collection of desktop wallpapers made just for The Lonely Hearts Club!

For the comments: What has been your favorite part of The Lonely Hearts Club this month?

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