LHC: How well do you know the Beatles?

Just because they Beatles broke up years ago, it doesn’t mean they aren’t everywhere! (And just because most of us weren’t even born yet when they were still together, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t know our Beatles trivia!)

The Lonely Hearts Club is riddled with Beatles references — some are obvious, like Penny’s name, but others are trickier. We asked author Elizabeth Eulberg to list her favorite references from the book. Can you identify them all?

Q. What do Penny’s parents call their basement?

A.  The Cavern, after the club in Liverpool, England, where the Beatles got their start.

Q. The stuffed animal that Penny gives Katie Bauer is named ____ ?

A.  Abbey (spelled like the road) and is a walrus because of the song “I Am the Walrus”

Q. Penny’s dad says “Goo goo g’joob!” a lot. Where on earth is that from?

A. It’s a strange phrase from the song “I Am the Walrus”

Q. The doorbell in the Bloom house is to the tune of _____ ?

A. “Love Me Do”

Q. When they were little, Penny would be ____ to Diane’s ____ when they put on Beatles concerts for Penny’s parents.

A. John and Paul
Q. What’s the name of the Beatles cover band that Penny and Ryan see?

A. Faux Four, in reference to the Beatles’ nickname, the Fab Four.

Q. Which Beatles songs are sung at the karaoke fund raiser?

A. “With a Little Help From My Friends”, “Penny Lane” and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

How many did you get right? Tell is in the comments!

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