Author Appreciation Week: L.J. Smith

And so begins our week-long celebration of Author Appreciation Week. This initiative was sparked by 2010 debut author Heidi R. Kling (see here for more details) … and I must say, it is ridiculously difficult to choose 5-10 authors to highlight. Honestly, I think ALL of the authors whose books I read are my favorites for one reason or another. Still, I’ve taken up the challenging task of at least trying to narrow them down … I’ll be featuring 1-2 authors every day through Friday.

L.J. Smith is enjoying a legion of new fans these days — thanks in part to how the popularity of the Twilight Saga has drawn new readers to her vampire romance novels, and in part to the success of The CW TV series adaptation of her series The Vampire Diaries.

But Smith doesn’t need other series or TV shows to draw in readers; her writing alone does that. All of her novels are extremely engaging and will quickly suck you into the story and the drama of her characters’ complex relationships. Her books are, simply put, entertaining. They are fun to read. They are dramatic, complex, funny (at times), urgent, and compelling. They are fun to read, and when you’ve finished one of her novels, you want to keep reading, even if there’s nothing more to read. Lucky for us, Smith posts additional stories about her characters on her website … which just makes us love her even more!

Books by L.J. Smith:

  • The Vampire Diaries
    • The Awakening
    • The Struggle
    • The Fury
    • Dark Reunion
  • The Vampire Diaries: The Return
    • Nightfall
    • Shadow Souls
    • Midnight (2011)
  • The Secret Circle
    • The Initiation
    • The Captive
    • The Power
  • Night World
    • Volume I
    • Volume II
    • Volume III
    • Strange Fate
  • Dark Visions
    • The Strange Power
    • The Possessed
    • The Passion
  • The Forbidden Game
    • The Hunter
    • The Chase
    • The Kill
  • The Night of the Solstice
  • Heart of Valor

For the Comments: What are some of your favorite L.J. Smith books?

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