Author Appreciation Week: Coming March 15-19th

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Next week, we’ll be featuring some of our favorite Young Adult & Middle Grade authors for Author Appreciation Week.

The idea comes from 2010 debut author Heidi R. Kling (her novel Sea comes out in June, when it will also be our Book of the Month!). Here’s what she had to say:

WHEN: March 15-19

WHAT: Write a blog post each day of next week about the authors you appreciate and why!

RULES: There are none. Be creative. If you want to pick five, pick five. Ten favorites? Go for it! Can’t choose between your top twenty? Well, then you’ll be doing a few a day. And they’ll love you for it!

Avatars & Graphics: Feel free to use the one Sara from Novel Novice ( made (above), there’s a few on Twitter, or make your own. Remember to credit the generous, book-loving artists!

What is an “author”: Ideally, someone that has sold a novel to an established publishing house. I suppose it could be your cat, if she’s purred her way into a contract. For our purposes let’s do authors of YA/MG.

How do we spread the word? Post this post to your blog, link back here. Go on facebook and twitter and use the hashtag #AA (Author Appreciation) and @ the others you have chosen so they can go back and read your words of praise.

You can read a whole bunch more on Heidi’s blog about why she wanted to host this. You can find additional graphics for the week on twitter (search for #AA or #AuthorAppreciation). We’ve also created a few for you to use. You can download them all through our twitpic account, or on our facebook page. (Just link back to us if you use one of our graphics!)

Tune in all next week to hear about some of the authors we appreciate.

For the comments: Who are some of your favorite YA/MG authors?

Sara | Novel Novice

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