Creative Writing Prompt: Using Alice

You didn’t think we could celebrate a whole week of Alice in Wonderland and not have a creative writing prompt to go along with it, did you?

Sit down, have yourself a cup of tea, and get scribbling:

  • Write a prose poem
  • Use a character from – or inspired by – Alice in Wonderland
  • Include at least two portmanteaus in the poem…
  • Include at least one ellipses…
  • Consider including some dialog between characters…
  • Incorporate lines from Alice in Wonderland or another poem…

Need inspiration? Click on the links above for further explanation about each poem’s element.

As Ann Lauterbach writes in “Alice in the Wasteland”:

You know a poem is a poem the way you know love is love./…/Poems don’t need explanations, Alice said…/Poems are examples of themselves.

Write on.

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