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* Holy whoa, new photos from The Hunger Games movie, including this awesome cover from EW’s new issue featuring Peeta & Gale:

Read more here, plus check out a sneak peek at the magazine here, including an interview with Josh Hutcherson, additional photos from the magazine, plus scans from the issue.

* Check out the gorgeous new cover for Fever by Lauren DeStefano, the upcoming sequel to Wither:

And go here to see a behind-the-scenes video about the cover shoot!

* If you’re a fan of Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, head over to her Facebook fan page to use the Countdown to Silence app to create a photo of you & Patch! It’s really cute!

* More goodies emerged from the last two days of Comic Con last weekend, including our first look at images from Snow White & the Huntsman, starring Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth & Charlize Theron:

See more pictures here!

* Check out the new cover for the upcoming graphic novel adaptation of Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush, and a cool contest going on now:

Sea Lion Books is running another contest to celebrate all the awesome comics and graphic novels coming out this year! The winner of the HUSH HUSH contest will win a signed copy of the Hush Hush Graphic Novel and a hand crafted purse from the Hush Hush Novel created by 2011 Books with Bites!

Now down to the important part! How to enter!!!

1. LIKE Sea Lion Book’s Facebook page and post how much you want PATCH to be your guardian angel. If you already liked our page and want to qualify for this contest, still let us know how much you want PATCH to be your guardian angel and then send your friends our way!!!! If you lead your friends to LIKE our page make sure you tell them to say they were referred by you! The more friends you get to LIKE our page the more chances you get to win!!!

2. Another way to enter the contest is to FRIEND Sea Lion books on Good Reads – and leave a comment on how much you want Patch to be your guardian angel. Again if you are already a friend of Sea Lion Books on Good Reads, still post the comment and then start sending your friends our way! Once their friend request has been accepted make sure they let us know you referred them in the comments section and how they want PATCH to be their guardian angel.

The contest will run until the end of August 15th or until we reach 1,500 fans.

* HarperCollins released a very cool trailer for Wildwood by Colin Meloy (of The Decemberists) & Carson Ellis — a new Middle Grade novel coming out in September:

Colin & Carson will also be at Wordstock Festival in Portland, OR in October!

* Here’s a really fantastic article about YA lit, what it is, and why you should read it … this is especially good to share with any of your lit snob friends who think YA is “just for teens.” Some highlights:

I would continue reading YA lit because it’s good. That’s not to say adult lit isn’t, of course, but YA lit has a freshness that I really enjoy, and it rarely gets bogged down in its own self-importance.


I think the reason some grown-ups look down their noses at YA lit is because they haven’t read any of it recently, so they don’t know how good it’s gotten—or how different it is from what they might imagine it to be.

See more here.

* Emily’s Reading Room is hosting a fun new feature called “Blogger Confidential” — which she’s invited us to be part of. Be sure to check out all the posts so-far, where myself & other bloggers talk about book blogging and such.

* And finally, the clips from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1 that were unveiled at Comic Con have made their way online (albeit in very low res) … The Twilight Examiner has a break-down of the scenes, and you can watch the videos below:

For the comments: What news has you most excited? Tell us about it below!



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