Divergent: What’s your faction? Writing Contest Winners

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For our May Book of the Month feature on Divergent by Veronica Roth, we asked you to tell us which of the five factions in the book you’d belong to if you lived in that society. We chose five winners based on their entries — each to receive a copy of Divergent and some Divergent faction temporary tattoos, courtesy of Harper Collins!

In no particular order, check out the five winners & their entries after the jump!

Aimee R.:

To hear my name at the Choosing Ceremony would send my heart into a frenzy. I’ve never been good with crowds, and having hundreds of people hungrily watch me make the biggest decision of my life wouldn’t help my anxiety. And to top it off, they hand me a knife.

Well, at least it’s meant for me to cut myself…

When I ask others, “Which faction do you think I belong in?” I always get the same answer. Abnegation. It’s a complement and I want to help others, but I am too selfish to be eternally selfless.

I will be involved.

As for Candor, I respect honesty, but the truth can hurt others too much for me to bear.

I will be kind.

And let’s face it; I don’t have a brave bone in my body. Though I dream for the excitement of a Dauntless life, I dream of a life in a faction more.

I will be self-sufficient.

As I stand at the faction bowls, the tip of the blade making a scarlet mark across my palm, I am at a crossroads. Erudite or Amity?

I’ve always pictured my bookish-self trying to expand my knowledge, but I question my potential. Intelligence is innate, not learned, and I fear I would fail Erudite’s initiation. There is a conflict between Erudite and Abnegation, but I will not let it influence my decision.

I will forgive.

Then there is Amity, a society who cherishes many of the same aspects as I do: forgiveness, kindness, trust. I could have a helpful career as a counselor; I can flaunt the beautiful colors red and yellow.

I will trust, even if only in myself.

So I plunge my hand over a bowl and let my blood drip onto soil.

I am Amity, I am peace.

Lindsey C.:

If I were to choose a faction to join, I would pick Amity. Whenever friends fight, there is often one unlucky soul stuck in the middle trying desperately to smooth things out. In my group of friends, that person is, more often than not, me. I try to avoid conflict if at all possible which means I’m usually stuck as the mediator. My friends and I all love each other a lot, which is why it’s so frustrating when arguments spark from a small misunderstanding. Many arguments would never happen if people spent more time trying to understand each other and less time focusing only on their own issues. I haven’t read Divergent yet, but I think the people of Amity would be able to appreciate this. Nobody’s perfect, obviously, and there are certainly ways I can improve and become more peaceful, but I think living in Amity would help me with that. I also love their focus on agriculture as a result of their desire for self-sufficiency. I’ve always had a soft spot for farming and I think that with their views on relationships and their agriculture based community Amity would be a good fit for me.

Julia C.:

If I lived in Divergent’s society then I would choose to join the Dauntless faction. All my life I’ve been brave. In my family I would often get used as the guinea pig. I would always go first for everything to prove to my siblings that their fear could be conquered. At first I just thought my bravery was just something I could use to show off. But as I got older I realized that it was so much more than that. It was a gift. A tool I could use to change things. Make a difference. Now being brave isn’t just about showing off anymore (though it is still fun to jump off of cliffs!), its also about standing up for the things that I believe in. Fighting for what I think is right. It isn’t always easy. It can be downright scary sometimes. But I always remember that bravery isn’t the absence of fear. Its realizing you have a fear, and then overcoming it. And more often than not its channeling your fear to make yourself even braver and stronger in the end. Bravery can change the world. And that’s why I would choose to be in the Dauntless faction.

Natalie R.:

I have not read Divergent (yet), so I am not entirely sure of the differences between the factions, but I would like to be Dauntless. I have never been the bravest person, but I hope that if it really counted, if my loved ones were in danger, I would be able to keep my feet beneath me and my head clear so that I could help them.
My favorite stories have always been about those who conquer their fears and weaknesses in order to protect the weak. I would like to be like that. This may sound cheesy, but one of my favorite heroes is Robin Hood. He had land, wealth and safety before he gave it all up to save a starving man. That kind of greatness, even in a fictional character, is something that most can only hope to match if such a choice came to them.

That is why I hope to be Dauntless. Intelligence, honesty. selflessness, and peace are all well and good, but what is intelligence without purpose? What is honesty if you do not act upon the truth? What is selflessness if you do not have the strength for the sacrifice? What is peace if it is not grounded in what is right?

Sorry if that is an awful lot of philosophy for the answer to a simple question, but you got me thinking. Thank you.

Logan S.:

We live in a world of violence, hostility, inequality, prejudice, injustice, war, and terrible, terrible inhuman acts.  The fact the prospect of world peace is impossible due to the animosity in human nature saddens me everyday.  I respect all life, not just human life, either.  I recognize that we are just human and to expect anyone to be perfect would just be ludicrous.  However, why is it so hard to grasp a little common sense and reach out and help each other, instead of arguing with someone, compliment them and let them know they are loved and how much they mean to you.  Give someone a smile instead of taking one away.  It is my wish that people could just be a little less ugly toward each other in this society.  So that is why in DIVERGENT’s society, I would join AMITY the peaceful.

Congrats to all our winners, and thanks to EVERYONE who participated in this contest! We had some amazing entries, and you made it very hard to choose five winners.


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      Nope, we just announce the winners here. We sent your mailing info on to Harper Collins, and they’ll send out the prizes! 🙂

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