Hot Under His Collar by Andie J. Christopher

I usually try and read my review books in order of release date, but sometimes, an ARC or e-galley lands in my lap and any self control goes out the window. Such was the case when Berkley Romance granted me “wish” to read an early digital ARC of Hot Under His Collar by Andie J. Christopher, a book I feel as if I’ve been waiting for from the first moment we met Father Patrick in Not the Girl You Marry.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of Andie’s romances (her heroines are boss ass bitches, and her heroes are YUM), but I suspect Hot Under His Collar might be my favorite one yet.

It’s also worth noting that I read this book in less than 48 hours, which is the fastest I’ve finished a book since my twins were born last May. But this book just demanded my attention, and the sizzling tension between Patrick and Sasha was too much to resist. I wanted to spend every waking moment with them, and I loved every moment of it.

Seriously, the sexual tension oozes off of every page, and the chemistry between Father Patrick and Sasha is palpable. Hot Under His Collar is temptingly taboo, but it never felt disrespectful or dismissive of Patrick’s faith or his religious calling. (But I’m hardly one to judge, so take that with a grain of salt.) The build up to their inevitable couple was intense, but my god, is the wait worth it. Every moment between Patrick and Sasha felt like both a tease and a promise, and the payoff is deliciously good.

I also loved that I couldn’t wholly predict where everything was going. Sure, I knew our couple was headed towards their HEA … but how? What would their obstacles ultimately be? Who would help them and who would hinder them? Their relationship was frought with challenges and I was just never quite sure where the curve balls would come from.

Just writing this review, and thinking about this book again, I’m more certain than ever that this is definitely my favorite of Andie’s books to date. I already per-ordered a shiny finished copy of Hot Under His Collar, and I look forward to diving in for a re-read as soon as it lands in my greedy little hands. Look for it in stores on July 20th. Here is the official synopsis:

He’s forbidden fruit and she’s a rule follower, but their connection is something to believe in.

Father Patrick Dooley joined the clergy to fulfill his mother’s dying wish. While it once gave him purpose, he not so sure it’s his calling anymore. But it’s all he’s ever known and he’s not sure what he wants to do with his life if he decides to leave the priesthood. How can he reconcile his faith with his growing desire to live a different life?

Sasha Finerghty was content to admire Patrick from afar while she dated men who were perfect on paper and wrong in real life. But with Patrick’s church in need of funding to keep a community program afloat, she’s just the girl to solve their fundraising problem. Spending more time together only fuels Sasha’s crush on him, who finds a kindred soul in her.

The more Patrick gets to know Sasha, the easier it is for him to see a future unfolding for them. But it will take a leap of faith to turn their friendship into something more, and neither of them are quite ready to make the jump.


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  1. I am happy to see your positive review. I have been enjoying this series, but wasn’t sure how I felt about the priest being part of it. I am reading this later in the week. Hopefully I enjoy it as much as you did.

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