The Heiress Gets a Duke by Harper St. George

Admittedly, historical romance has been a hit-or-miss genre for me. I love contemporary romances, but for whatever reason, historical romances don’t always suck me in.

That wasn’t a problem though with The Heiress Gets a Duke by Harper St. George, the first in a new series of Gilded Age romances featuring feisty heroines and the swoon-worthy heroes who can’t get enough of them.

Even a fortune forged in railroads and steel can’t buy entrance into the upper echelons of Victorian high society—for that you need a marriage of convenience.

American heiress August Crenshaw has aspirations. But unlike her peers, it isn’t some stuffy British Lord she wants wrapped around her finger—it’s Crenshaw Steel, the family business. When it’s clear that August’s outrageously progressive ways render her unsuitable for a respectable match, her parents offer up her younger sister to the highest entitled bidder instead. This simply will not do. August refuses to leave her sister to the mercy of a loveless marriage.

Evan Sterling, the Duke of Rothschild, has no intention of walking away from the marriage. He’s recently inherited the title only to find his coffers empty, and with countless lives depending on him, he can’t walk away from the fortune a Crenshaw heiress would bring him. But after meeting her fiery sister, he realizes Violet isn’t the heiress he wants. He wants August, and he always gets what he wants.

But August won’t go peacefully to her fate. She decides to show Rothschild that she’s no typical London wallflower. Little does she realize that every stunt she pulls to make him call off the wedding only makes him like her even more.

I loved the chemistry and banter between these two characters. Seeing them match wits is a large part of what made this book so utterly delightful! August continuously baits the Duke, trying to scare him off — but every bold word and action only intrigues him more! And then she gets frustrated by his attention, and so on.

There’s also the fact that the Duke isn’t your typical nobleman, and he’s got some scandalous secrets of his own — and that little bit of his bad boy side intrigues August, too.

I absolutely adored this pair, and seeing the back and forth between them, and their sizzling chemistry. They sucked me in, and I found myself totally invested in their stories. This book also laid the foundation for the second book in the series, and I am now eagerly awaiting the next installment, which features August’s sister.

Thanks to Berkley Romance for the digital review and early finished copies of this book. The Heiress Gets a Duke comes out January 26th. Harper St. George was raised in the rural backwoods of Alabama and along the tranquil coast of northwest Florida. It was a setting filled with stories of the old days that instilled in her a love of history, romance, and adventure. By high school, she had discovered the historical romance novel which combined all of those elements into one perfect package. She has been hooked ever since. She lives in the Atlanta area with her family and loves to hear from readers.



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