Novel Novice turns 11!

This little ol’ book blog is ELEVEN YEARS OLD today! And as a sure sign of how nuts my life is right now, I didn’t draft this post weeks in advance.

No, it is almost 9pm on Tuesday, January 12th, and I’m slapping this last-minute post together for the sake of posterity & because at least I managed to take a coordinating bookstagram photo ahead of time.

A year ago, I was hand-wringing my decision over whether to keep book blogging or not. I was tired — from a lot of things — and often felt burdened by responsibilities to the blog. I gave myself a year to make a decision, knowing that the year ahead would include becoming a mom to twins, but NOT knowing that the year ahead would include a pandemic, wildfires, and a literal coup attempt (among other things).

But something incredible happened in the midst of this last wild year when it comes to book blogging … I discovered I still love doing it. I’ve let go of a lot of the responsibilities I placed on myself, and perhaps I’ve lost or alienated some followers along the way, since my content has shifted a bit. But by letting go of what I felt was expected of me and my blog, and embracing what I wanted to read and feature, I found my joy again.

So yeah … I may have drifted from my original goals of the blog, and I may read and feature young adult literature much less frequently (although I do still read it sometimes), I am enjoying book blogging once more. You’ll continue to see adult romance featured a lot more here, as well as a variety of children’s literature, since I have two babies and I’m passionate about sharing books with them. And beyond that? Well, I’m committing to nothing. I will blog about whatever I want. Or so I tell myself anyway.

My goal now is to make sure I am reading for pleasure; and when that coincides with reading a book for review or feature? Well, all the better for you, my friends.

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