Cover Reveal: Daughter of the Salt King by A.S. Thornton

Today, I am excited to be helping share the cover for Daughter of the Salt King by A.S. Thornton, an adult fantasy novel coming out February 2nd from CamCat Books.

I’ve known Ali for a couple years now through her blog & bookstagram account (shelfie goals — her collection of classic books is gorgeous), so I’ve heard her talk about this book for a while now as she was writing it and sending it out on submission. It’s VERY exciting to see it move closer to publication now, and this cover is truly stunning. Check it out below, and keep reading for the full synopsis:

An epic, romantic fantasy where the desert meets the sea, about the magic of wishes—and their unintended consequences.
Emel is the Salt King’s daughter, yet she has less freedom than even her father’s slaves. She must navigate not only court intrigue and a mounting rebellion but her own heart after she discovers the secret to the Salt King’s tyranny over the desert—a wish-granting jinni who is as much a slave as Emel herself, and whose wishes from his own long past are coming back to haunt the desert with unintended consequences.

Head over to Ali’s website here to pre-order your copy now!

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