Maternity Leave

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My boy-girl twins are due in May, and basically that means they could come any day now — PLUS hubs & I are in deep last-minute baby prep mode … so, blogging maternity leave starts NOW!

Of course, that doesn’t actually mean a lack of content for you.

I’ve got several features and guest posts lined up & scheduled in advanced to tide you over though August. There may not be as much content as you’re used to seeing from me, and don’t expect any reviews any time soon here (other than a few I’ve already written & scheduled), but I’m happy I was able to get some fun pieces planned and scheduled for the next few months.

I’ll be on social media as much as I feel up to it; my favorite place to hang out is Instagram (and that’s most likely where I’ll make a birth announcement the earliest), but sometimes I lurk about on Twitter, too.

See you on the flip side, when I’ve got two babies to juggle.

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