“His Dark Materials” Season Finale on HBO

Tonight, the season finale of His Dark Materials airs on HBO here in the U.S. (UK viewers got to watch it last night on BBC, lucky ducks.)

If you’re a regular follower of the blog and/or my social media, then you probably know that the His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman is my ALL-TIME favorite series. Ever. These books have changed my life in so many ways, and it’s incredible to think back on how many years these books have been a part of my life. It was actually 25 years ago on Christmas when I received a copy of The Golden Compass as a gift from my dad. I’ve read and re-read both that book, and the rest of the series, countless times over the years, and I always seem to find new meaning in them.

So you can imagine my excitement (and okay, trepidation) about the HBO/BBC series adaptation. And while the adaptation may not be perfect (is any screen adaptation ever perfect?), it has far exceeded my expectations and wildest hopes. (I’ve especially loved the way they started weaving in elements from the second book, to introduce us early on to “our world” and Will. So well done!)  I ADORE the show, and I honestly can’t wait to see how they continue to bring these books to life in season two.

But before that happens … the season one finale airs TONIGHT on HBO.

The folks at HBO were kind enough to recently send me what has got to be the SINGLE most amazing piece of bookish mail I’ve ever received. Inside a beautifully engraved wooden box, I found a personalized letter, a personalized Daemon medallion, and my very own Daemon!

I legit cried upon opening this box (and okay, yeah, pregnancy hormones HAVE made my susceptible to crying pretty much all the time, but I think I would have cried either way). Every piece of this package is just beautiful, and so thoughtfully put together. Here’s a peek at what was included:

Truly, this was a remarkable piece of mail — and has made me even MORE excited for tonight’s season finale. (I didn’t think that was possible!)

If you haven’t yet watched His Dark Materials, catch up on all previous seven episodes now On Demand or via HBO Go. And don’t miss the season finale TONIGHT.

Here’s the preview for tonight’s season finale, but catch the series trailer below if you haven’t watched yet:

Series Trailer:


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