The Christmas Dare by Lori Wilde

Add a major dash of holiday romance to your reading list this month with The Christmas Dare by Lori Wilde. It combines all the seasonal magic of a Hallmark Christmas movie with the steamy romance you’d expect from Avon Romance.

A jilted-at-the-altar bride reunites with her high school sweetheart in Lori Wilde’s sensational new Twilight, Texas Christmas novel.

Kelsey James always played by the rules and look where it got her—dumped and half-drunk in a poofy white dress, her Christmas wedding ruined. Then her best friend talks her into going on her “honeymoon” anyway, daring her to a “Christmas of Yes.” It’s about time she lets loose a little, so Kelsey agrees to say “yes” to fun, to romance, and to adventure! And adventure leads her right smack into the arms of sexy Noah MacGregor.

Noah’s never one to say no to a risk—from leading his NBA team to victory to making Christmas cookies in Twilight, he’s up to the challenge! But a lot has gone on since they were teenagers, and he knows he has to take his time to make Kelsey dare to believe that what they feel is more than just the holiday magic that’s in the air . . .

This second-chance romance was a refreshing mix of lighthearted romance and humor, and serious subjects like grief and mental illness. I wasn’t expecting the more serious sides of this story, but they definitely added some depth and intensity to the book that made it much more gripping to read.

A lot of the “holiday” romances I’ve read are pretty light on the Christmas — they so often feel like a regular romance, but there’s a Christmas tree in the corner. But that was not the case with The Christmas Dare, which was jam-packed with holiday cheer. This is definitely a festive read, and perfect for curling up with over the next few weeks before December 25th.

Both Kelsey and Noah have never forgotten their teenage romance, and when they reunite unexpectedly, the sparks of romance are still strong. But life has made each of them wary of opening up too much — so it’s a bumpy road to their happily ever after.

Their characters’ growth and journeys were really what captivated me as a reader, while the holiday aspect of the setting enchanted me. Look for The Christmas Dare in stores now.

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