To Bed the Bride by Karen Ranney

It’s been a while since we last heard from my sister-in-law Heather, but she’s back today with another mini-review of an historical romance sure to heat things up for you this holiday season. Here’s what she had to say about To Bed the Bride by Karen Ranney:

Sometimes the right person finds you. Sometimes the right person drops a puppy off at your house and you play tug-of-war with the puppy and with your heart. Not great, especially when you happen to be engaged to another man. Whoops …

If you are looking for a steamy read filled with rendezvous and a gentlemen’s gentleman, who will sweep sweep you off your feet and save the lady from her dark family, you’ll find all that and more in To Bed the Bride.

Look for this steamy historical romance in stores now! Here is the official synopsis:

New York Times Bestselling Author Karen Ranney’s captivating series concludes with a tale of opposites whose attraction scorches a trail from the Highlands to the glittering halls of London—and courts scandal at every turn . . .

Politics has introduced MP Logan McKnight to many fascinating people, but the lady he encounters on the lands bordering his ancestral Scottish home outshines them all. Eleanor Craig of Hearthmere seats a Thoroughbred like a queen, knows as much about world events as any of his colleagues—and is engaged to one of the worst men Logan knows. She also seems lonely, so Logan brings her a friend. Thus should their acquaintance end, yet it’s only just begun.

The puppy Logan delivers is every bit as irresistible as the man himself. How could this stranger sense the isolation Eleanor suffers among her scheming, snobbish extended family and fiancé who control her life? It’s even worse in London—until she begins meeting Logan secretly in a secluded park. Their passionate connection frees Eleanor, body and soul. But discovery threatens disgrace—or worse.


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