The Speed of Falling Objects by Nancy Richardson Fischer

An intense and deeply emotional story, The Speed of Falling Objects by Nancy Richardson Fischer will have you on the edge of your seat as you follow along on this survival saga.

Danger “Danny” Danielle Warren is no stranger to falling. After losing an eye in a childhood accident, she had to relearn her perception of movement and space. Now Danny keeps her head down, studies hard, and works to fulfill everyone else’s needs. She’s certain that her mom’s bitterness and her TV star father’s absence are her fault. If only she were more―more athletic, charismatic, attractive―life would be perfect.

When her dad calls with an offer to join him to film the next episode of his popular survivalist show, Danny jumps at the chance to prove she’s not the disappointment he left behind. Being on set with the hottest teen movie idol of the moment, Gus Price, should be the cherry on top. But when their small plane crashes in the Amazon, and a terrible secret is revealed, Danny must face the truth about the parent she worships and falling for Gus, and find her own inner strength and worth to light the way home.

First things first: Danny’s dad pissed me off SO MUCH from very early on, that I nearly DNF’d this book just because I loathed him so much. (And Danny! Girl! I know he’s your dad, but whyyyyy.) But the survival thriller aspect of the book kept me so hooked, I couldn’t put it down — and I’m so glad I stuck with it.

The Speed of Falling Objects is filled with tragic moments, but the ending is ultimately uplifting, as you see such amazing growth in Danny as a character. (And Gus, too! Who surprised the heck out of me, in a delightful way.)

This book tackles so much about growing up, familial conflict, deciding what you want for your future, how the past shapes us, etc. — and in such a surprising, compelling way. The survival aspect of the story, with Danny and her companions trying to escape the wilds of the Amazon and fighting against really terrible odds, was entirely captivating. It also made me more certain than ever that I don’t ever need to visit the Amazon! (I’m like the “before Danny,” and I’m good. I don’t need character growth like that! LOL.)

A fast-paced, emotional thrill ride, look for The Speed of Falling Objects in stores October 1st.

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