Catching Her Heart by Jody Holford: Blog Tour Review + Giveaway

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America’s favorite past time leads to love in Catching Her Heart by Jody Holford, a new standalone baseball romance with plenty of heart and humor.

When a beautiful brunette driver meets Nashville Slammers catcher, Sawyer McBain, at the airport, he figures it’s his lucky day. Sure, he’s usually pretty guarded around people, especially after what happened with his ex, but he can definitely enjoy the car ride. Until she passes his apartment…and keeps driving. All of a sudden the woman seems a lot less like romance material and a lot more like a kidnapper. What gives?

Slammers executive Addison Carlisle needs one little favor. Sure, she may have kinda maybe kidnapped one of her professional baseball players, but it’s for a really good cause. She desperately needs someone high-profile to auction off that night for the multiple sclerosis society she’s chairing, but he insists he wants a favor in return.

Soon Addie and Sawyer are trading completely ridiculous I.O.U.s, like being his plus-one to his grandmother’s poker game or keeping each other company at the driving range. But when their agreement goes from flirty to fiery, neither is ready to let their guard down for a shot at love.

Addie and Sawyer is a couple you can root, root, root for. (Sorry, not sorry. Can’t resist a baseball pun!) Okay, but really, these two are so charming. I loved that Sawyer was grumpy, but never an outright jerk. He wasn’t an arrogant bad boy who needed to be tamed, or prove his softer side. He has a reputation, but it’s largely unfounded, and he’s immediately swept up by Addie’s brazenness and the fact that she’s so unselfishly giving of both herself and her time. And he’s not afraid to be open with her … at least, about most things.

Both of these heroes are dealing with their own insecurities and complications, but they compliment each other oh-so-well. I liked seeing them try (and fail) to keep things platonic, and then the inevitable tumble into romance land. The way the various complications arose in their relationship felt organic, and I liked seeing how they worked through them.

I love a baseball romance, and the sporty aspect of this one was pretty subtle (not heavy sports at all), but used very smartly. The side-plot that I probably most enjoyed was Sawyer dealing with his knee injury and facing the possibility of having to retire soon from one of the only things he loves. So many sports romances focus on how ripped and athletic these guys are, and Sawyer is still in great shape, but I loved that this story also dealt with the reality of injuries and getting older, and what that means to an athlete’s career.

The sexier stuff is a fade-to-black, so if you prefer your romances on the cleaner side, this one definitely fits the bill. (I’m cool with the smutty stuff, but I never felt like this one was lacking for it’s use of the fade-to-black.)

Catching Her Heart is a sweet and charming sports romance, filled with lots of humorous moments. Look for it in stores and online NOW!

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Each book in the For Love of the Game series is STANDALONE:

  • Covering All the Bases
  • Catching Her Heart

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