How to Write a Romance from the Team at Avon Books

Something happens when you start reading romance. At least, something happened to me & my friends when we started reading romance …

That is, we started coming up with ideas for romance books. We’re especially fond of concocting outrageous stories involving ourselves & random dudes we see out and about, imagining ridiculous backstories for them and plotting out how our romance story would unfold and which tropes it would touch on.

Well, if you’ve ever thought about the idea of writing your own romance, than let me point you to the new guided journal/workbook How to Write a Romance from the Team at Avon Books.

Yes, the editors of Avon Books (the folks behind some of the most prolific romance books around), put together a journal/workbook to help you write your own romance books.

Avon was kind enough to send me a copy of the finished journal, and I have to tell you, I adore it. I don’t know if I’ll ever actually write a romance book (or just continue concocting ridiculous ideas about strangers with my friends), but if I ever do, I’ll be grateful to have this journal to help me out.

The workbook is filled with plenty of writing prompts and exercises designed to help you think of book ideas, develop characters, plan out plot twists, and more. It’s also riddled with advice from some of romance’s most beloved and best-selling authors. So it’s sort of like having fellow authors cheer you on as you go!

I think the book could also be fun for anyone who just loves romance, even if you’re not serious about writing your own. It’s a fun way to explore the thought process that goes into writing the books you love to read, and some of the exercises and writing prompts could be fun to complete just for the heck of it.

How to Write a Romance is available now! Here’s more about it:

Romance novels are moving into the mainstream. No longer are romances relegated to the back of the bookstore; they are front and center with colorful covers, a diverse readership, and coverage in mainstream national media. Romance novel reading and writing is its own subculture; you can see what they’re up to when #Romancelandia trends on twitter, and readers are as voracious as they are creative.

How to Write a Romance is a sleek, flexibound journal that gets to the heart of what gets hearts pumping—love stories. Inside, journalers will find front matter from the Editors of Avon Books, the premiere romance publisher, guiding them through the basic construction of a romance novel—from dialogue, to character development, to scene description, to situational entries, and more. This workbook is a jumping off point for the romance authors of tomorrow, whomever they may be!

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