Milady by Laura L. Sullivan: Blog Tour Review + Giveaway

I’ve always adored adaptations of The Three Musketeers, so when I heard about Milady by Laura L. Sullivan, I knew I had to read this book. In The Three Musketeers, Milady de Winter is shown to be a manipulative, conniving villainess. But that’s according to the men who’ve told her story in the past.

She was the greatest nemesis of d’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers–but Milady de Winter was so much more than just a villain in their swashbuckling adventures.

I’ve gone by many names though you know me as Milady de Winter: Villainess, seductress, a secondary player in The Three Musketeers story.

But we all know history was written by men, and they so often get things wrong.

So before you cast judgment, let me tell you of how a girl from the countryside became the most feared woman in all of Europe. A target for antipathy, a name whispered in fear or loathing.

I don’t need you to like me. I just need to be free.

It’s finally time I tell my own story. The truth isn’t tidy or convenient, but it’s certainly more interesting.

Sullivan’s twist on Milady’s story is an absolute delight! Alternating between events that take place in the well-known Three Musketeers novel, with a look into Milady’s past and how she became the woman we’ve come to know, Sullivan paints a portrait of a woman who is smart, savvy, and willing to do whatever it takes to secure the life she wants … even if that means going down in history as a villain.

I loved seeing the events that helped shape Milady into the woman she becomes. We witness her early naivete, her mistakes (and the lessons she learns from them), and the path that leads her to eventually facing off against the Musketeers.

The way Sullivan weaves her story, as a reader you’re left guessing how things will unfold. Getting to see the ultimate reveal is utterly satisfying, and the victorious ending certainly left me grinning like a fool. Milady is in stores now.

Thanks to the folks at Berkley Publishing, I have one copy of Milady up for today’s giveaway. To enter, tell us in the comments on this post about some of your favorite “misunderstood” villains, whose stories you’d love to read about. Then fill out the rafflecopter form here to complete your entry & earn more chances to win.

Contest is US only and runs through midnight (PT) on Tuesday, July 16th.

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9 thoughts on “Milady by Laura L. Sullivan: Blog Tour Review + Giveaway

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  1. Maleficent is the first that comes to mind. I am so excited about the next movie. Would love to see more books about her story.

  2. I don’t really know that many villains except super hero ones and cartoon ones. I think Willie Coyote is one that is misrepresented because of course, he is just hungry and he’s out in the middle of nowhere and has nothing else to eat. Show that guy the way to a restaurant or another food source and I think he’d leave the roadrunner alone

  3. I think Long John Silver from Treasure Island probably has an interesting backstory. He probably started out as an idealistic lad with a taste for adventure but circumstances led him to become an evil pirate captain. He’d be a great subject for his own book.

    1. Yes! Did you watch “Black Sails” at all on Starz? It’s a sort-of prequel to Treasure Island, that includes Long John Silver and other fictional pirates, alongside real historical figures from that time period in piracy.

  4. I can’t think of any misunderstood villains, except for the cartoon one mentioned above in a comment.

  5. Hmmm… Not sure. I recently read a story about a single dad. I think they are often misunderstood.

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