Aladdin: Far From Agrabah – Styled By Books

Let me show you a whole new world today, with a Styled By Books inspired by Aladdin: Far From Agrabah by Aisha Saeed, a spin-off novel inspired by the new live-action adaptation of Disney’s “Aladdin,” in theaters today.

I’ve always said that Styled By Books was largely inspired by Disneybounding — the idea of putting together regular outfits (NOT costumes or cosplay) inspired by Disney characters.

So today’s outfit is really the best of both worlds — and features a Jasmine-inspired Disneybound, while also coordinating with the book’s cover.

For my Jasmine-inspired outfit, I started with a turquoise dress from eShakti (use code SARALARSON to save an extra $15 on your first order on top of the regular new customer offer) & a cardigan from Torrid.

Then I layered on the chunky gold jewelry (a necklace from Kate Spade and earrings from Target), plus a shimmery gold headband as a nod to all of the headpieces Jasmine wears in the movie.

The final touch was this Moroccan-inspired blue and gold scarf/shawl (from Amazon!), which not only ties in with the colors of the book cover but also totally reminds me of the color and patterns in the magic carpet itself!

Want to create your own Aladdin-inspired outfit? The good news is, with the movie coming out, there are a TON of beautiful pieces of clothing, jewelry, and accessories available. (Seriously, I was really tempted to buy a bunch of new pieces for this outfit, but being a responsible adult, I stuck to by budget and worked with what I already owned). Some places worth shopping if you want to check out some great new Aladdin pieces:

Aladdin: Far From Agrabah is available now. Here is the official synopsis:

This stunning original novel will tell an all-new story set in the world of the new film, featuring Aladdin and Jasmine. A magic carpet ride full of adventure, suspense, and wonder written by New York Times Bestselling author Aisha Saeed, this story will be a must-read for any Aladdin fans who find themselves drawn into and enchanted by the magical world of Agrabah and beyond.

And catch the new live-action “Aladdin” movie in theaters today!

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