Julia DeVillers: “Meet the Ultra Squad!”

Talk about squad goals! Today, author Julia DeVillers stops by to introduce the delightful characters of her middle grade graphic novel series, featuring a cast of kick-ass girls who help save the galaxy!

Tweens are often underestimated—they’re still coming into their own physically and socially, so at times they get overlooked and not taken seriously. But as a mom and author of books for this age range, I know just how amazing kids this age can be! So I was thrilled to create UltraSquad, a middle-grade graphic series of out-of-this world adventures that bring together a band of girls, each with special skills and passions, who come together to save the universe, through teamwork, positivity and inclusivity. And all with a sense of humor—to prove that a girl can do whatever she sets her mind to! 

When an evil force from the far reaches of the galaxy threatens Earth, four “ordinary, regular tween girls*” are recruited to be the UltraSquad, a secret inter-girl-actic team with a mission to save the universe!

*The underlying premise of the book is there’s no such thing as an “ordinary” or “regular” girl. All tweens have inner superpowers – the ones our UltraSquad girls are initially chosen for are: heart, strength, creativity, kindness, originality and “a little weirdness,” too. Never underestimate a tween!

The UltraSquad has their Sidekicks, The Pallies! Ugly-cute extra-terrestrials from the planet of Palidoria, they are loyal, fierce, hilarious, and mischievous.

In Book 1, we learn about each of the characters. But of course, like any tween girl, they have many different and evolving facets to their personalities that will be revealed throughout the series.  


POSEY: Posey’s passion is acting. She also loves karaoke, her cat Princess Coco Baguette, and fashion. 

Her favorite color is pink.

Her motto is: Born to shine!

And fittingly, her UltraSquad superpower she receives is “Ultra-Sparkle,” a bracelet that can shoot slime to trip up the villains andcreate…unique…disguises for the Squad and their sidekicks when they need to go undercover.

ANNA:  Anna’s passion is gymnastics and is always on the move.

Her favorite color is turquoise.

Her motto is: Girls run the world…and the Galaxy!

Her UltraSquad superpower, “Ultra-Boost,” fits her hyper-speed personality. 

LYRIC: Lyric’s passion is music, and she carries her guitar with her wherever she goes. 

Her favorite color is purple.

She also loves writing poetry, going to concerts, and volunteering at dog shelters.

Her motto is: Girls rock!

Her UltraSquad superpower is “Ultra-Sonic,” and she can blast villains out of the picture with her magical guitar.

SKY: Sky’s passions are technology and science. She loves to make slime, code, and to tutor younger kids.

Her favorite color is green.

Her motto is: Problem? Problem solved.

Sky’s UltraSquad superpower is Ultra-Brainz—she has the answers to get them out of sticky situations at her fingertips!

When the Earth is threatened by a Black Hole Machine intent of gobbling up the galaxy, the UltraSquad is sent on its first mission. They have to overcome their fears—scared of the dark, of monsters, of smalls spaces, and heights. They learn to work together as a team—and become friends. And they won’t do it alone! The Pallies, trained aircrew, will be by their sides:

Bob: The Captain with a big imagination, Bob is always ready to go on an adventure.

Shlunk: First Lieutenant and the pal to relax with, as he’s always up for a cozy rest with his blanket. But don’t sleep on Shlunk, when villains approach, he’s the first to protect you.

Jane: She’s not only a pilot, she’s the pal who will cheer you up and motivate you when you’re feeling down.

Louie: The flight navigator who is a gregarious guy until he gets hangry. Then, nothing will get in the way of this foodie finding a good taco!

Along with new friends they make while protecting the galaxy, they’ll discover how their unique personalities, passions, and the power of friendship can make a difference in—and out of—this world.

Ultra Squad: Books 1 & 2 are available now!

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