Best Babysitters Ever: Spotlight + Giveaway

Today, I’m so pleased to be teaming up with HMH Books for Young Readers to celebrate a new book perfect for fans of The Babysitters Club and The Dork Diaries. In stores February 5th, Best Babysitters Ever by Carolina Cala puts a fun new spin on the saga of babysitting.

The book (the first in a new series) is actually inspired by the classic Babysitters Club, but is a fun read even if you’ve never read the originals. (But also, what are you even doing with your life if you haven’t read The Babysitters Club? Also note: this book could be the perfect way to introduce a new reader to BSC. Just saying.) Best Babysitters Ever features friendship, diverse characters, and what it takes to be a genuine Lady Boss.

A funny new middle grade series about three 12-year-old best friends who start a babysitting club in their small California town. Perfect for fans of series like Whatever After and the Dork Diaries.

Once upon a time, a girl named Kristy Thomas had a great idea: to form The Baby-Sitters Club with her best friends. And now twelve-year-old Malia Twiggs has had a great idea too. Technically, she had Kristy’s idea. (And technically, little kids seem gross and annoying, but a paycheck is a paycheck). After a little convincing, Malia and her friends Dot and Bree start a babysitting club to earn funds for an epic birthday bash. But babysitting definitely isn’t what they thought it would be.

Three friends. No parents. Unlimited snacks. And, okay, occasionally watching other people’s children. What could possibly go wrong?

In Stores February 5th: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books-A-Million | Indie Bound

Caroline Cala is a writer and editor residing in Brooklyn. She has worked as a book editor and as a ghostwriter on a number of books by notable people. Her work has appeared in Vogue, ELLE, Refinery29 and others. Best Babysitters Ever is her middle grade debut.


Line up those babysitting gigs! One (1) winner receives:….

  • a copy of Best Babysitters Ever,
  • plus a ban.dō planner and tote bag!

Giveaway open to US addresses only & runs through midnight (PT) on Monday, February 4th. Prizing and samples provided by HMH Books.

To enter, tell us in the comments below about your first experience babysitting — or if you’ve never babysat, what your first job was like. Then fill out the Rafflecopter form below to complete your entry & earn more chances to win.

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26 thoughts on “Best Babysitters Ever: Spotlight + Giveaway

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  1. I never did babysitting until I got older, and I started babysitting a 2 year old and it was horrible! I felt so bad I had to tell the mother I couldn’t do it anymore after 3 weeks, my 6 and 3 year old suffered from the violence that 2 year old inflicted, so definitely babysitting isn’t for me.

  2. i babysat a 2 year old a few years ago, my first experience babysitting, and I didn’t enjoy it! I would rather watch older children, the terrible twos has a name for a reason!

  3. I did a lot of babysitting as a kid. My first experience was probably babysitting my little sister but that wasnt trouble. My second experience was in our apartment building, it was pretty easy and fun

  4. “Tell us about your first experience babysitting — or if you’ve never babysat, what your first job was like.” My first job was delivering newspapers, and it was not as fun as you might think!

  5. My first babysitting experience was so rewarding. The kids were sweet, listened to me, and I got to read bedtime stories to them. On Valentines Day, their mom brought them to my house to personally deliver cards they had made for me.

  6. I used to babysit for this family of 2 boys. They were the cutest and loved every other Saturday when I would come over!

  7. My first babysitting experience was with my cousin. My aunt was trying to show me responsibility (I was 8!). She left her baby in the crib and told me to watch him while she went next door. Of course, he woke up crying and I felt I had to pick him up out of the crib. So I did, except that I overshot the lift and he went flying right over my head and landed on the floor. Now I tell my cousin (in his 40’s) that the “fall” explains his behavior. I didn’t babysit again until I was 12. I think I am still traumatized! 🙂

  8. I would babysit my sister’s sons. I remember playing with him on the floor of my bedroom and he bumped his head on something and got a knot. I was mortified.

  9. I babysat my neighbor kids. It was a lot of fun playing games and riding bikes. I only did it a few times.

  10. I started babysitting when I was in middle school. My first job was for two little boys who were hell on wheels that’s for sure! Gotta love the 80’s!

  11. I thought I had everything under control the first time I babysat. The cleaning stuff was put up, all things breakable check even the dog dishes. I didn’t think to tie the cabinets shut, oh boy the mess a bag of flour can make. We both survived and I was taught a lesson.

  12. I forgot to tie the cabinets shut, everything that I thought could harm the baby was put up. I never knew 1 little child could make such a mess, I only had to pee and when I came back a whole bag of flour on the floor.

  13. My first job was being a tennis instructor. It was so much fun but it was also extremely stressful because I had to control a whole bunch of 5 year olds!

  14. My first experience was babysitting the little toddler across the street. I ended up calling my mom in tears cause the baby wouldn’t go to sleep and just keep crying. My mom walked over, picked her up for a moment, laid her back down, and she went right to sleep.

  15. My first babysitting job was a nightmare. The little boy was so cute. But he didn’t want to be there. And I had to potty train him. Since he didn’t want to be there one of the worst experiences was him wiping poop all over the wall. That was just one incident. It was awful.

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