The Brilliant Death: Styled By Books

Two things immediately caught my eye when I was first asked about being part of today’s blog tour for The Brilliant Death by Amy Rose Capetta. Well, three things:

1) I’m a fan of Amy’s work, so … duh!

2) Italian-inspired story that’s giving me mafia-esque vibes

3) That gorgeous cover & knowing I had the perfect outfit to create a Styled By Books ensemble with!

And so, here we are …

I mean, I may be biased here, but I feel like this mustard yellow dress is just made to go with that cover. Am I right or am I right?

The dress is from eShakti, and I used their Fabric Customization feature to get this style dress in this specific color — although there are several ready-made styles available in this gorgeous color.

Then I paired it with this statement necklace that I already owned (a score from Target several years ago), and threw on a cream-colored sweater to pick up the tons of the sword/feather on that cover.

It was also nice of mother nature to cooperate for this photo shoot. It was the one dry afternoon in a streak of rainy days, and the lighting was pretty dreamy. Thanks to my hubs for being my intrepid photographer!

A lush, Italian-inspired fantasy romance about a Mafia daughter that will sweep you off your feet!

Since childhood, Teodora has harbored a secret: she is a strega, blessed (or cursed) with transformative powers beyond her control. For years, she has used them to make enemies of her powerful Mafia family disappear, turning them into decorative objects. When the Capo, her nation’s ruler, launches an attack on her family that leaves her father in a coma-like state, Teodora must find a way to transform herself into a boy and travel across the mountains to the Capo’s palace to fight for her family. Her fate lies in the hands of Cielo, a shape-shifting strega who wants to help Teodora master her powers. But as Teo and Cielo make their way to the palace, and closer and closer to one another, they both discover that the Capo’s motives are far more sinister than they ever could have imagined . . . and that in a world of shifting alliances where anything and anyone can change, the only constant you can count on is love.

Amy Rose Capetta has written several novels for young adults and holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from VCFA. She first dreamed of writing about Vinalia when she was younger than Teo. Once upon a time her father’s family lived in Italy, in a small town in the mountainside. Now Amy Rose lives in her very own mountains in Vermont, with her partner and their young son. To learn more, visit




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