200 Years of Frankenstein: Strange Star by Emma Carroll

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and it seems like all sorts of books are coming out in celebration. The latest is Strange Star by Emma Carroll, a middle grade novel inspired by the classic book — and in stores today.

One stormy June evening, five friends meet at the summer home of Lord Byron. After dinner is served, they challenge each other to tell ghost stories that will freeze the blood. But one of the guests—Mary Shelley—is stuck for a story to share.

Then there’s an unexpected knock at the front door. Collapsed on the doorstep is a girl with strange scars on her face. She has traveled a long way with her own tale to tell, and now they all must listen.

Hers is no ordinary ghost story, though. What starts as a simple tale of village life soon turns to tragedy and the darkest, most dangerous of secrets. Sometimes the truth is far more terrifying than fiction…and the consequences are even more devastating.


Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Order your copy here, or look for it wherever books are sold.

Emma Carroll was a high school English teacher before she retired to pursue writing full-time. She has also worked as a reporter, an avocado picker, and the person who punches holes into Filofax paper. She recently graduated with distinction from Bath Spa University with an MA in Writing For Young People. She lives in the Somerset hills of southwest England with her husband and two terriers. To learn more about Emma and her books, visit emmacarrollauthor.wordpress.com, follow @emmac2603 on Twitter, and look for In Darkling Wood, also available from Delacorte Press.

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