Hogwarts House: Styled by Books, Back to School Edition

Either you or your kids have just gone back to school recently, or you/they are about to. So why not take a little Styled by Books inspiration to the classroom this year? Today, we’ve got a special Back to School edition of Styled by Books, and it’s all about your Hogwarts house.

I’m a proud Gryffindor, so today’s photos will focus on my house – but you can easily adapt these styles to your own Hogwarts house.

You can’t go back to school at Hogwarts without your signature house cardigan. Mine is from Torrid, but Hot Topic also has these available for the four houses.

And of course, I’ve got my wand and my books – let’s not arrive to class unprepared, right?

Little details make all the difference. My Gryffindor mini key necklace is from Aspiring Artista — and I love it. Aimee’s shop is filled with stunning key necklaces, and if you don’t see what you want, she’ll make it for you completely custom. You can use the code SARA15 to save 15% on any orders from her Etsy shop, including custom orders. (Just message her through her shop on Etsy to get started!)

These adorable golden snitch earrings are from Elissa J. Designs.

Want to show your house pride in more fun ways? Try one of these Hogwarts house temporary tattoos from Bookmark’d Tattoos. NOVELNOVICE saves you 10% on any order from Katie’s shop, and she’s got plenty more Harry Potter and other bookish designs, if you really want to have fun.

The weather can be notoriously unpredictable at Hogwarts — so I like to be prepared with my Marauder’s Map umbrella and matching infinity scarf.

How will YOU rock your bookish style for back to school? Tell us in the comments below!


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