Betsy Aldredge & Carrie DuBois-Shaw: Why Sasquatch? + Blog Tour Contest

Bigfoot is taking over the blog today, for our stop on the official blog tour for Sasquatch, Love & Other Imaginary Things by Betsy Aldredge & Carrie DuBois-Shaw. The co-authors stop by today to tell us why Sasquatch, plus keep reading for more about the book and your chance to win a copy and other fun goodies!

Why Sasquatch?
by Betsy Aldredge & Carrie DuBois-Shaw

Thanks so much for having us guest post! It’s been an exciting few months. We’d love to talk about our favorite hairy guy, Sasquatch, and why we felt he needed to be in the middle of a YA romance. Hint, it wasn’t because he’s a good kisser or smells like pine needles.

Now most people, when they think of Bigfoot, their minds don’t exactly jump to romance right away, but we’ve had a long fascination with cryptozoology and the people who make it their hobby. You’d be surprised at just how many Bigfoot societies and conferences there are. There’s a reason Finding Bigfoot is so popular. It has everything: adventure, mystery, folklore, and forensic science, too. We thought that this monster hunting world was just ripe for some fun situations.

Then, once we knew our setting, we did some intense character studies and research, looking at people who would choose to spend their free time searching for something that may or may not exist. We love how Squatchers tends to have a great sense of humor about themselves and Bigfoot. There’s so much passion, enthusiasm, and good vibes there, and some really interesting personalities, too. The only things that were  missing were a quirky family, some nerdy love interests, and Jane Austen. There was so much room for creativity. How could we resist?

We hope people will read SASQUATCH, LOVE, AND OTHER IMAGINARY THINGS and enjoy it on multiple levels, whether or not they believe in the majestic Wood Ape.

P.S. He’s totally real.

Pride and Prejudice meets Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot in this humorous and heartfelt debut about a loving, quirky family on the hunt for the mythical Sasquatch.

Hunting for monsters was never so awkward.

It’s bad enough that Samantha’s parents, charter members of the Northern Ohio Bigfoot Society, have dragged their daughter around forever, hunting for yetis. But now they’re doing it on national TV, and worse, in front of an aristocratic prep-school crew including a boy who disdains Samantha’s family.

But when he scorns her humble Ohio roots, she becomes determined to take him down. As they go to war, their friction and attraction almost distract them from the hint that Sasquatch may actually be out there somewhere…

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Betsy is a former magazine editor turned communications professional who avoids math at all costs. Therefore, she’s held a series of artsy jobs at Opera News, Museums Magazine, and the Museum of Jewish Heritage, where she tried to remember everything she learned in Hebrew school. She now works at Purchase College, SUNY, where she is inspired daily by the cool and creative students and professors. She lives and works in New York.

Carrie is an arts administrator and has worked for world-renowned organizations such as San Francisco Ballet, Orchestra of St. Luke’s, and the New Victory Theater. She is a passionate advocate for high quality performing arts for children and has written two plays for young audiences, which were produced and performed throughout New York City. She currently lives in San Francisco.

Website | Betsy’s Twitter | Carrie’s Twitter

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