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I really love that fandom fashion is becoming more and more size inclusive these days – and the pop culture collections from Torrid are constantly delighting me. A few months ago, they released a new batch of Harry Potter inspired pieces, and I immediately wanted … well, all of them. While that didn’t quite happen, a few pieces did make their way into my wardrobe via Christmas gifts – and today’s Styled by Books posts features one of them:

This Marauder’s Map dress is currently no longer available at Torrid, although they have some other Harry Potter pieces which are still magical and stylish. (This Deathly Hallows coat is AMAZING. It even has a pocket for your wand!!!) However, you can still find this dress in regular and plus sizes at Hot Topic! HT also has a different Marauder’s Map dress available in regular and plus sizes.

If you look closely in the picture above, you can see my Hedwig earrings, which were part of this set from HT.

The Military Shrug Cardigan is also from Torrid, although it is now only available in navy blue. (The one I’m wearing here is black.)

For the comments: Do any fandoms inspire your fashion? Tell us about it!



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