Definitions of Indefinable Things by Whitney Taylor

A quirky, coming-of-age saga with heart and humor, Definitions of Indefinable Things is a story about life, love, family, and forgiveness.

Reggie isn’t really a romantic: she’s been hurt by the world too often, and doesn’t let people in as a rule. Plus, when you’re dealing with “the Three Stages of Depression,” it can be pretty much impossible to feel warm and fuzzy.

 On a CVS run to pick up her Zoloft, Reggie meets Snake, who doesn’t give her much of a choice. Snake has a neck tattoo, a Twizzler habit, and a fair share of arrogance, but he’s funny, charming, and interested in Reggie. Snake also has a 7-months-pregnant ex-girlfriend, Carla. Good thing Reggie isn’t a romantic.

 As she begins to fall for Snake, Reggie must decide whether loving him is worth the risk of letting him in. Reggie, Snake, and Carla all grapple with the meaning of friendship, love, and depression—and realize one definition doesn’t always cover it.

This was a really fun read! The writing was breezy and charming, the characters were quirky and engaging, and I enjoyed seeing the growth as Reggie, Snake, and Carla learned more about both themselves and each other.

Taylor does a great job of balancing humor and lightness with the more serious themes in her book. She covers some significant topics: depression, teen pregnancy, and other Big Scary Life Things (not revealing to avoid spoilers) – but she does so without dragging down the weight of the book, while still paying each of these topics the seriousness they warrant. It’s a tough balance to strike, and she does so excellently.

And while the major theme of the book is the coming of age experience for each of these characters, Taylor also weaves in some important lessons about family and forgiveness and a really sweet, unlikely romance to button things up.

I can’t speak to how accurately Taylor portrays either teen’s depression, but I appreciated that each teen experienced it differently. They could compare notes, but she made it clear that depression isn’t one size fits all and can manifest differently in each person who suffers from it.

A fun, fast-paced read that includes both light-hearted fare and serious life stuff, Definitions of Indefinable Things is in stores tomorrow.



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  1. Excellent review! Thanks for sharing a new book for me to check out. i love friendship and coming of age stories.

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