Top 10 Reasons Teachers Rock!

ms bixby blog tour

Today, we wrap up our week-long feature for the blog tour of Ms. Bixby’s Last Day by John David Anderson with a list of the Top 10 Reasons Teachers Rock! Why? Because Ms. Bixby’s Last Day is all about that one special teacher who changes your life.

You can even win a copy by telling us about a teacher who impacted your life HERE!

10. They have amazing inspirational posters in their classroom.

Where was the first place you ever saw that kitten hanging by a paw “Hang In There” poster? I guarantee you, it was in a classroom. Along with a bevy of other cheestastic inspirational posters. But as much as we make fun of them, let’s be honest. Sometimes you need that cheerleader mantra and a cute picture of a kitten to get you through the day.

9. And those great reward stickers.

Nothing made getting a good grade even better than one of these beauties:

8. They put up with moody/angry/angsty teens and the kid who thinks he’s funny, but is really just a jerk.

I mean, we all put up with them in school. But then we graduate and move on. Teachers do it forever. God bless them.

7. They don’t stop for summer vacation.

Most teachers keep working over the summer, whether it’s teaching summer school or specialty classes, picking up a seasonal job, writing, or even going back to school themselves.

6. They teach you the value of hard work.

It’s not just English or Math or Science you learn from teachers; they also impart the value of hard work and dedication!

5. They’re always there for you.

More than just an instructor, teachers are counselors, guides, mentors, friends. They are there for you whenever you need them. The best teachers are like your very own Muggle Dumbledore.

4. They give you the best books to read.

Sure, there’s the “required reading” … but the best teachers can also steer you to That One Book That Changes Your Life. (My 11th grade English teacher introduced me to the then-newly released book The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and I’ll never forget it.)

3. They teach because they love it.

Lord knows, teachers aren’t in it for the pay. (Though they should be showered with diamonds and rubies for all the work they do!)

2. They empower you.

Teachers are your #1 fans in school. They want to see you succeed. They want you to learn. They want you to grow. And no matter what situation you come from, having a teacher in your court makes you one thousand times more empowered.

1. And they inspire you!

The best teachers inspire you to do better, to learn more, to push yourself, to succeed.

For the comments: Why do you think teachers rock? Tell us below!


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