Bite Somebody by Sara Dobie Bauer: Cover Reveal

Today, I am SO excited to be one of the blogs helping reveal the cover for Bite Somebody by Sara Dobie Bauer. Now, this is an adult book — no kids allowed — but it sounds super cute & funny. And it’s about vampires, which is right up my alley. (Seriously, I am — pun fully intended — a sucker for vampire books. Especially funny ones.) The synopsis totally reminds me of Christopher Moore’s hilarious vampire books Bloodsucking FiendsYou Suck, and Bite Me — and from what Sara herself has told me about the book, fans of Moore’s vampire comedies will also enjoy Bite Somebody.

Here’s more about the book AND the fabulous cover:

Bite Somebody“Do you want to be perfect?”

That’s what Danny asked Celia the night he turned her into a vampire. Three months have passed since, and immortality didn’t transform her into the glamorous, sexy vamp she was expecting but left her awkward, lonely, and working at a Florida gas station. On top of that, she’s a giant screw-up of an immortal, because the only blood she consumes is from illegally obtained hospital blood bags.

What she needs to do–according to her moody vampire friend Imogene–is just … bite somebody. But Celia wants her first bite to be special, and she has yet to meet Mr. Right Bite. Then, Ian moves in next door. His scent creeps through her kitchen wall and makes her nose tingle, but insecure Celia can’t bring herself to meet the guy face-to-face.

When she finally gets a look at Ian’s cyclist physique, curly black hair, and sun-kissed skin, other parts of Celia tingle, as well. Could he be the first bite she’s been waiting for to complete her vampire transformation? His kisses certainly have a way of making her fangs throb.

Just when Celia starts to believe Ian may be the fairy tale ending she always wanted, her jerk of a creator returns to town, which spells nothing but trouble for everyone involved.

Connect with Sara Dobie Bauer: Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads

As if that weren’t enough … my advance review copy of Bite Somebody arrived in the mail yesterday, and it just so happened I was dressed to match the cover almost exactly. REALLY! I did NOT plan my outfit for this, but sometimes a perfect moment of serendipity calls for a photo op (and straw in your wine glass):

Bite Somebody - Sara

Bite Somebody is due to be released this summer from World Weaver Press — and keep your eyes here on Novel Novice for a review & more as it gets closer to release!

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