Me & Miranda Mullaly by Jake Gerhardt

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Ah, middle school romance. That’s the heart of the story behind Jake Gerhardt’s humorous new middle grade rom-com, Me & Miranda Mullaly.

me and miranda mullalyThe fates of three 8th grade boys converge in biology class one day, as each falls desperately in love with the same girl. There’s Sam, the class clown; Duke, the intellectual; and Chollie, the athlete. And the object of their collective affection? The enigmatic Miranda Mullaly—the girl who smiles like she means it, the girl who makes Christmas truly magic when she sings, the girl who…barely realizes her admirers exist!

But nothing will stop the guys from doing everything they can to GET THE GIRL, not even their inevitable confrontation.

Told in alternating perspectives, Me and Miranda Mullaly is a comedy of errors where small misunderstandings lead to big laughs. And beneath the humor, every attempt to win Miranda becomes a compelling look at the larger world of each guy’s life.

The way Me & Miranda Mullaly plays out is almost like a Shakespearean comedy of errors — with three boys crushing on the same (clueless) girl, whilst other romances stir quietly behind the scenes. It’s got a very Much Ado About Nothing set in middle school quality about it.

The actions of the three alternating narrators are often misguided and cartoonish in nature, but it’s that whimsy that makes for such a light-hearted and amusing read. Me & Miranda Mullaly hilariously captures the extreme emotions of first crushes — and the lengths we’ll go to try and win over the source of our affections.

Me & Miranda Mullaly is in stores January 26th.


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