YA Snowmen 2015: Part 1 of 3

YA snowmen banner
It’s time for one of our favorite & most beloved holiday traditions here at Novel Novice — the 2015 YA Snowmen Collection! Every year, my mom creates original drawings that recreate the covers (or represent the plot) of select YA and middle grade books from the last year! (You can see all of her past drawings HERE!)

We’ve broken up this year’s collection into three parts. Part 2 will be posted on Wednesday, and Part 3 on Friday. But for now, here are the first four drawings:

beastly bones snowmen rest of us just live here snowmen vanishing island snowmen wrath and the dawn snowmenAre you the author of one of these books? Would you like the original drawing? Email me at sara.novelnovice@outlook.com

2 thoughts on “YA Snowmen 2015: Part 1 of 3

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    1. She did this year’s drawings when my niece was napping! (She is “Grandma Daycare” these days, so very busy. But she still likes drawing these for me, so she made ’em happen!)

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