Book Review: Christmas to Color by Mary Tanana

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Welcome to our first-ever review of a coloring book on Novel Novice!

The trend of so-called “adult coloring books” has really taken off in the last few months, and I have to be honest: I love it. But true confession: I’ve loved coloring for ages. I never grew out of it, and to this day, I have a bin of coloring books, markers, and colored pencils that I haul out whenever I’m stressed and want to relax. (I also love coloring when I’m sick.)

christmas to colorBut until recently, my collection of coloring books consisted pretty solidly of Disney princesses. And I still love them, I do. But since discovering these adult coloring books, I’m hooked more than ever on coloring.

Christmas to Color by Mary Tanana is my latest obsession — and it’s the perfect book for the holiday season. Tanana’s illustrations are beautiful, folk-inspired images that leave plenty of room for your own imagination to take flight — either by simply coloring the images, or adding to them with your own drawings, if you’re so inspired.

(Personally, I prefer just coloring — it’s a way to be mindlessly creative, and that’s part of what I find so relaxing about coloring!)

But let me further explain just how great Christmas to Color is: I first learned about this book when a fellow blogger posted a picture of their review copy on Facebook. It looked amazing. I “liked” it. Because of how Facebook works these days, it came up in my husband’s news feed. He texted me: “I want that Christmas coloring book.” I texted back: “Me too.”

The next day, to my glorious and delighted surprise, my own review copy arrived. Huzzah! I was super excited to show it to my husband when he got home from work. His reaction? “Where’s my copy?”

So the next day, I went down and bought a SECOND copy. Yes, my husband and I each have our own, his-and-hers copies of Christmas to Color. We’ve really been enjoying sitting together at the dining table, coloring silently side-by-side in the glow of our Christmas tree.

A perfect evening? Indeed, it is.

Christmas to Color is in stores now.

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