Suzanne Young: Hotel Ruby Q&A Part 1

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Today we are delighted to kick-off our three-part exclusive interview with Hotel Ruby author Suzanne Young. Thanks for stopping by, Suz!

hotel rubyI always love hearing your “origin stories” for your books. What was the idea that sparked HOTEL RUBY?

I’d wanted to write a YA version of the song Hotel California. After staying in a creepy hotel in San Francisco, I was truly inspired. First, I was put on practically abandoned floor with moving boxes in the hallway. Then my room was set in an old-fashioned style while my friends’ rooms on another floor was modern and fine. And when I went to leave the room, the hallway was so eerily quiet, it was suffocating. By the end of that weekend, I had a full synopsis.

Suzanne Young2I know you’ve dabbled in horror before (especially with your adult e-book THE WILLING), but this is your first time writing horror for YA. How did you approach writing HOTEL RUBY?

I think at first I planned to go all-out horror, but as I wrote the book, I ended up adding so much emotion and grief that it became less about the scares and more about the character’s journey.

Did anything surprise you while writing HOTEL RUBY?

I loved the main character’s backstory with her ex-boyfriend. It came from a real place, and on the page, I think it feels very real. It added an unexpected depth to the character.

Tune in on Wednesday for part 2 of our Q&A!

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